Saturday, June 16, 2018

Happy Planner: Peek inside and a Freebie

Happy Planner Teacher Edition 2018-2019

Hello my friends and welcome back!
I know most of you, if not all, are enjoying your Summer and have probably shut down your "Teacher Mode." However, I wanted this to be my first blog post before I start my series of Back to School posts!
Today I would like to share with you the planner I have chosen for this school year, The Happy Planner - Teacher Edition. After asking (don't you love your reliable Social Media teaching groups?) and researching on Google, I decided to go with this planner. I had previously shared this information over my IG account a few months back when I had just purchased it. If you are not following me over my Instagram @brincaintobilingual, I hope this blog post helps for you to do so! :) I wanted to make a blog post in case you missed it or in case you would like to see what others things I have added to it after I purchased the planner.

How it Looks in the Inside

I have not bought any other planner like this one previously. I had always used the regular month to month planner. I always found myself carrying a thousand binders and notebooks with me and I Sometimes I would forget one or another and I just got frustrated!

This is one of the first reasons I decided to get the Happy Planner-Teacher Edition. It contains a space in each month for you to map out your plans of the week. At my old school, they required us to write detailed lessons, so I was always mapping out and making small notes of my lessons to use before writing an actual lesson. I am not sure what the requirements will be for my new school, but either way, this planner would be very helpful for me to be carrying a million of notepads :)
What I really liked about this section is that the planning sheets are right after the month section. There is no flipping pages from back to front! Everything is together in each month and I really liked that small, but very important detail.

In each month, before the month cover sheet, it contains a sheet where you can write top 5 things, your goals, and student birthdays. I love this because I can write important notes and dates in there!

It also contains a checklist in the very end of the binder. I am not completely sure what I would use this (definitely for something that I cannot have to do constantly); such as Fieldtrips, party snacks, money for fieldtrips, etc.

The Accessories

The Happy Planer is very special because you get to add, remove, and put back pages! I love that there are so many options and accessories to this planner. Check out their page to see the rings, the stickers, the sheets, and much more! I personally will only be adding stickers (because who can live without them?!) and I am adding the half sheet weekly plan.

I was not going to get stickers, but then I saw how cute they were and I couldn't resist! I know I might not be able to use them all, but I am already planning some other cool stuff whenever I use them all. I am thinking about using my Cricut or maybe purchasing a washi tape label machine. I have a label machine, but it does not print on cute washi tape!

P.S. This is the extra set I purchased. However, the planner that I purchased (in a box) comes witha  few sheets of stickers and washi tape.

The second item I purchased was the weekly plan. Yes, it says MEAL PLAN, but I am not using it necessary just for meals. I know I need more space to write because I am a HUGE planner and I love to check things off a list (it makes me feel like I have actually accomplished something). They had one, but honestly, it was not cute at all. I am a big fan of having cute stuff, so this is the only one I really liked and it works magic for me, regardless of the title :)


Last, but not least my friends! 
Honestly, my original idea was to create print outs on sticky notes with a checklist and have them on every week. Cute, right?! Well, I realized that it would be more work for me and one more thing I had to worry about doing because I would have to print on sticky notes every month or so. I am not really willing to do that! #sorrynotsorry
So I decided to create a checklist or a to do list. Something I laminate and use Vis-a-Vis pens so I can write over and over again . I only need to print ONCE, laminate ONCE, whole punch ONCE, and use for the entire school year! Better, don't you think?!

If I caught your attention so far, please don't forget to get the paper punch! Funny story: I was going to do the holes manually, then I was reminded of how amazing Instagram community is for me! While I was chatting with a teacher friend, she mentioned that I needed to get a paper punch (I am new to this planner, remember?) so I did! I am so blessed to have virtual teacher friends! Can you imagine how much time and frustration it would have been if I tried making these holes myself?! Ugh, I don't even want to think about it anymore! LOL
Anyways, I bought the paper punch with a coupon so it didn't hurt my wallet so much. I purchased the classic size paper punch because that is the size of my planner. I honestly don't think it makes a difference which one you use, I think it would still do the work. But don't quote me on that statement, I would have to buy a big size and try it to make it official.

I created this sheet based on what I do every week before I go home for the weekend. I have created the same list with 5 different backgrounds for your own taste and because I couldn't make up my mind ;) 
Of course, I realized not all of you do the same as I do. Therefore, I added the editable sheets for you to use if you would like! Maybe you do some of my weekly copies or maybe you do the centers, but would like to add or change it a little bit to fit your own to do list, be my guess!

Click HERE if you would like to download this for FREE :)

How to Assemble this Free Checklist:
Like I mentioned above, please print and laminate. The cutting is the important key! When cutting please just cut the top, bottom, and right edges of the frame. I have included a picture for my visual learners (as myself).

After you are done cutting, simply, hole punch the sheet with the 365 Paper Punch.

Use your Vis-a-Vis markers, wipe, and use over an over again!

Well this is all for today my friends! If you were not sure what planner to get,  hope this post has helped you to decide that! I also hope you have found my freebie to be helpful and cute for you to use! Stay tuned because once July comes around, I will be constantly posting! Remember you can always follow me by email so you get my new posts on an email and you never miss the fun!


  1. I'm so glad you got the punch! I just wish when I bought mine that they had already released the big because punching with the classic size to put papers in my big teacher planner is such a hassle! Oh and thanks for the freebie. I just printed it out and am ready to put it in my planner!

    1. OMG after I purchased it and I drove back home (I have to drive 30min to get to the nearest Michael's), I started thinking if I should have bought the bigger punch!! I figured it would be just ok if I needed to make more holes.. sigh..well, I guess if I decide to go bigger next year, I'll have to get the big punch! Thank you so much for the advice!!! You are an angel! and you are so very welcome! I am so happy to hear you liked it and will use it! :)

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