Saturday, June 16, 2018

Happy Planner: Peek inside and a Freebie

Happy Planner Teacher Edition 2018-2019

Hello my friends and welcome back!
I know most of you, if not all, are enjoying your Summer and have probably shut down your "Teacher Mode." However, I wanted this to be my first blog post before I start my series of Back to School posts!
Today I would like to share with you the planner I have chosen for this school year, The Happy Planner - Teacher Edition. After asking (don't you love your reliable Social Media teaching groups?) and researching on Google, I decided to go with this planner. I had previously shared this information over my IG account a few months back when I had just purchased it. If you are not following me over my Instagram @brincaintobilingual, I hope this blog post helps for you to do so! :) I wanted to make a blog post in case you missed it or in case you would like to see what others things I have added to it after I purchased the planner.

How it Looks in the Inside

I have not bought any other planner like this one previously. I had always used the regular month to month planner. I always found myself carrying a thousand binders and notebooks with me and I Sometimes I would forget one or another and I just got frustrated!

This is one of the first reasons I decided to get the Happy Planner-Teacher Edition. It contains a space in each month for you to map out your plans of the week. At my old school, they required us to write detailed lessons, so I was always mapping out and making small notes of my lessons to use before writing an actual lesson. I am not sure what the requirements will be for my new school, but either way, this planner would be very helpful for me to be carrying a million of notepads :)
What I really liked about this section is that the planning sheets are right after the month section. There is no flipping pages from back to front! Everything is together in each month and I really liked that small, but very important detail.

In each month, before the month cover sheet, it contains a sheet where you can write top 5 things, your goals, and student birthdays. I love this because I can write important notes and dates in there!

It also contains a checklist in the very end of the binder. I am not completely sure what I would use this (definitely for something that I cannot have to do constantly); such as Fieldtrips, party snacks, money for fieldtrips, etc.

The Accessories

The Happy Planer is very special because you get to add, remove, and put back pages! I love that there are so many options and accessories to this planner. Check out their page to see the rings, the stickers, the sheets, and much more! I personally will only be adding stickers (because who can live without them?!) and I am adding the half sheet weekly plan.

I was not going to get stickers, but then I saw how cute they were and I couldn't resist! I know I might not be able to use them all, but I am already planning some other cool stuff whenever I use them all. I am thinking about using my Cricut or maybe purchasing a washi tape label machine. I have a label machine, but it does not print on cute washi tape!

P.S. This is the extra set I purchased. However, the planner that I purchased (in a box) comes witha  few sheets of stickers and washi tape.

The second item I purchased was the weekly plan. Yes, it says MEAL PLAN, but I am not using it necessary just for meals. I know I need more space to write because I am a HUGE planner and I love to check things off a list (it makes me feel like I have actually accomplished something). They had one, but honestly, it was not cute at all. I am a big fan of having cute stuff, so this is the only one I really liked and it works magic for me, regardless of the title :)


Last, but not least my friends! 
Honestly, my original idea was to create print outs on sticky notes with a checklist and have them on every week. Cute, right?! Well, I realized that it would be more work for me and one more thing I had to worry about doing because I would have to print on sticky notes every month or so. I am not really willing to do that! #sorrynotsorry
So I decided to create a checklist or a to do list. Something I laminate and use Vis-a-Vis pens so I can write over and over again . I only need to print ONCE, laminate ONCE, whole punch ONCE, and use for the entire school year! Better, don't you think?!

If I caught your attention so far, please don't forget to get the paper punch! Funny story: I was going to do the holes manually, then I was reminded of how amazing Instagram community is for me! While I was chatting with a teacher friend, she mentioned that I needed to get a paper punch (I am new to this planner, remember?) so I did! I am so blessed to have virtual teacher friends! Can you imagine how much time and frustration it would have been if I tried making these holes myself?! Ugh, I don't even want to think about it anymore! LOL
Anyways, I bought the paper punch with a coupon so it didn't hurt my wallet so much. I purchased the classic size paper punch because that is the size of my planner. I honestly don't think it makes a difference which one you use, I think it would still do the work. But don't quote me on that statement, I would have to buy a big size and try it to make it official.

I created this sheet based on what I do every week before I go home for the weekend. I have created the same list with 5 different backgrounds for your own taste and because I couldn't make up my mind ;) 
Of course, I realized not all of you do the same as I do. Therefore, I added the editable sheets for you to use if you would like! Maybe you do some of my weekly copies or maybe you do the centers, but would like to add or change it a little bit to fit your own to do list, be my guess!

Click HERE if you would like to download this for FREE :)

How to Assemble this Free Checklist:
Like I mentioned above, please print and laminate. The cutting is the important key! When cutting please just cut the top, bottom, and right edges of the frame. I have included a picture for my visual learners (as myself).

After you are done cutting, simply, hole punch the sheet with the 365 Paper Punch.

Use your Vis-a-Vis markers, wipe, and use over an over again!

Well this is all for today my friends! If you were not sure what planner to get,  hope this post has helped you to decide that! I also hope you have found my freebie to be helpful and cute for you to use! Stay tuned because once July comes around, I will be constantly posting! Remember you can always follow me by email so you get my new posts on an email and you never miss the fun!

Monday, February 26, 2018

"Let's Find Out" in Spanish Magazine Review and Giveaway

Hello everyone!!!
I am soooo excited to be back with an AWESOME GIVEAWAY from Scholastic!! They have asked me to test their magazine for the month of March and do a review as an educator. I really enjoy looking at these magazines because it gives me a chance to see what other resources can be helpful for my kiddos. So let's get started!!

Magazine Set

The monthly magazine set comes with Teacher's Big Issues and student matching small issues (one per student). This monthly set is pretty amazing because it contains very good topics that would work perfectly for this time of the school year. The information given is great for students to read independently and very enganging.
The teacher's big Issue  is perfect to be placed on a board for a visual to engage students. If you use this in small groups, you can also place it on a easel and use it during an intro discussion before students use their own magazine. This magazine is perfect for Prek, K, and 1st grades. However, I can see a second grade teacher using them for students who might be below reading level or even during a whole group activity (for this especific issue).

I really liked the content because it contained enganging reading and interactive questions to go along with it. On the back of the magazine, it comes with an activity that students can either solve on their own or in a small group. These questions go along with the information given inside, so students are working on comprehension skills!

The monthly set also includes a small reading issue. This is perfect to use in small groups. The pictures are great and the sentences are mixed with pictures, which makes it a great fit for early literacy. 

You also get a Teacher's Guide. In there, you can find a snapshot of what you can find online for that monthly set (issue sample, videos, games, and activities) and lesson ideas for each issue included in the monthly set.

The Online Access

Besides getting the print resources, you also get online access to the magazine! In there, you can find the reading issue, and it has a feature where it reads out loud! How great is that feature for your kiddos?! In addition, there are enganging videos (related to the reading), games, and even printables!

The printables are easy to find and print! They include a variety of skills. You can find activities for vocabulary, personal connections, predictions (a big halleluyah!), bar graphs, and text evidence.

If you would like to taste the water before subscribing, try the 30-day free trial and find out more about the subcription HERE :)

Drums pleaseee!!!! Let's Find Out in Spanish and I have come together to giveaway a classroom set for the March issue (max 35 students copies) to ONE LUCKY WINNER! If you win a set, please know you must provide your full name and address in order to receive it. It is very simple to participate! All you need to do to enter is leave me a comment below telling me how you would use the magazine in your classroom and leave me your email.
The winner will be chosen and contacted on March 1st, 2018.

Thank you everyone for stopping by on my blog and good luck to everyone! :)

Friday, February 2, 2018

All you need is LOVE!

I have not posted anything since November my friends! I am so sorry about that! Truth be told, I have been out of the country for a whole month! We decided to spend Christmas in Peru with my family (I am originally from there, in case you didn't know). My husband stayed with us for two and a half weeks, and I stayed for a month with the kids. My Grandma's 78th birthday was on January 11th so many relatives came from overseas and from other parts of Peru to celebrate HER. I was so blessed that my mom offered me to fly over to Texas with the kids and me; otherwise, I don't think I could have been able to come back on my own with two little kids (cheers for all those brave and strong moms who do that!).

Anyways! After giving my whole reason of why I have been absent for so long, I would like to do a little reminder of things I have for FREE and paid products for Valentine's!!!

First, I wanted to share one of my favorite Valentine's freebies. I think Mr. Heart came out really cute! Your students could write a letter to another friend in the classroom, or write about what they like about Valentine's or write about a favorite part of a valentine's story! Your options are endless!!! PLUS, I think they would look so cute on a bulletin board, don't you think?? Click HERE to download it :)

So after Mr. Heart, I felt pretty cool, but then I found these AMAZING pattern paper that I HAD to buy!!!! Don't you agree with me???

So after a few hours thinking what cute things I could do with these papers, I thought about a real envelope that kids can do! I'm HORRIBLE with origami, so I hope you are not expecting that awesome and complicated method level of origami! HA!
I looked on Google for EASY ways to make an envelope, and I found soooo many options! Most of them were too hard for this teacher :| 
I found this great website where there are many different templates, but I didn't want to go that far at this time, I just wanted simple steps and not having to make copies of the pattern and cut and so on... HOWEVER, if you would like to check it out, please DO! She really has great ideas different websites for different types of envelopes! Click HERE to take you there :)

I also found this picture with steps on how to do an envelope from a heart shape. So I thought it would be cute for students to write a short note on the back of the heart (the blank side), make the envelope, and just glue it with a foam sticker or something that when you open it, you would open the whole letter at once!
I got this picture from The Crafty Blog Stalker

Here are my pictures and how my envelope came up :) Not so perfect, but I think it would do the trick...

Then, I found this picture, I thought it was pretty simple and the steps were pretty clear, so I gave it a try.. I am NOT good at any of these things, so believe me when I tell you: "If I can do it, so can you!" I got this picture from Making Friends

I personally skipped the pattern and I tried to skip steps that I saw they were not a big deal. Mine didn't come up as perfect as it shows on the picture (of course, that happens when you skip steps on the instructions! Lol). However, I think for students and the purpose of it, it was pretty good! :)
These are my pictures on how my envelope came up :)

So along with this cute envelope, I created a Free letter pattern for kids to write a letter to a friend.... I think the best way to do this (so everyone gets a letter and no one gets more than anyone else), might be for them to choose a partner or you can even choose partners randomly!
This freebie comes in both English and Spanish with two different styles! Hope you like it as much as I do :) Click HERE to download this letter for FREE :)

Now I would like to show you what I have in my store!
My Reading Response goes along with the book "Love Monster." It is the lovely story about this funny-looking Monster who looks for someone to love him just the way he is... I love this story because it shows how important it is not to love people for their looks! There are more books of this cute and funny-looking character, so I'm planning on adding more in the future!

Here is what it's included in the booklet:
1.Favorite part of the story
2.B, M, E foldable
3.B, M, E graphic organizer
5.Monster Character traits
6.Monster Flyer Character Traits
7. Change Solution 
8.Making connections
9.If you were Monster
10.Defend your opinion
11.Author’s Purpose
12.Persuade Monster
13.Characters Change

14.Monster Booklet Craft

If you would like to purchase this Rdng Response Booklet, click ENGLISH or SPANISH.

These are Math Centers for 3rd grade: it includes multiplication, measurement, word problems, comparing fractions, and a foldable to create bar graphs and pictographs. Come over my Store to have more details!!

These are Language Art centers for 2nd grade: they include sequence for the story "Froggy's First Kiss", antonyms, and long a vs short a (English only), and suffixes vs prefixes (Spanish only). Come over my Store to have more details!!

Thank you for stoping by my friends!! See ya next time!! :)

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Thanksgiving in the Classroom!!

Gobble Gobble friends!!!

Welcome back to my blog! I am here to bring you some goodies for Thanksgiving!
I would like to share with you what I used to do on that week before our days off. Every year my team and I would have outfits for our students to dress as Pilgrims or Native Americans. We would study all week about why we celebrate Thanksgiving and on Friday we would all watch "A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving" and have a big feast to simulate the movie.

We would make snack bags for each student. We would include popcorn, mini toasts, pretzel sticks, and M&Ms.

The kids always had a great time watching Charlie Brown and sitting to eat their snack "just like the movie"! We all enjoyed each other's company and had fun!

I would also like to share a Freebie I had created for you to use during these days. Thanksgiving is all about being thankful and share with others these special moments. I created a very simple, but cute Turkey bag where students can write what they are thankful for. This freebie comes in both English and Spanish! You can print the feathers in color construction paper or have fun with some Fall looking pattern paper!

If you would like to download this product, please click HERE

I wish you all a restful break! For some of you, enjoy the whole week off! I will see you next time!! :)

Monday, November 6, 2017

Spanish Play Date Prep

Hi my friends!!
I am back, but this time I will make it really fast since I am trying to get all my stuff ready!
I wanted to share with you some of the stuff I am getting ready for a mom's Spanish Play Date!
I have met some amazing mommas here in town and we all get together with our kids to play, have a snack or whatever! Sooooo I am making an event which I call Spanish Play Date! I will teach them a little bit of Spanish, do some centers, and then they will be all free to play around the house! Fun, Simple, and easy for all of us mommas to take a break!!!

I would like to share with you the things I'll be doing the kiddos! Hope you find this helpful and maybe you try it yourself at home with your own little ones!!!

Here we go!!!

1. First I will be presenting my new friend names Ñust'a! She is very special because she came all the way from Peru! (I am using these because I am originally from Peru, so I am making it a personal connection). Ñust'a is from Cusco and her name is very special because it means Princess in Quechua.

Ñust'a and I will be reading in Spanish "Maria tenia una Llamita" and they have the English version as "Maria had a little Llama." Technically is the same idea of "Mary had a little Lamb." I have had this book since my daughter was born and we just LOVE IT!!!!

I think the kids will also love it, so we are reading that! The book is bilingual, so I will be reading it in both Spanish and English :)

2. Then we will be watching and dancing different video s from Youtube that my kids and I love to watch and jam ;)

I love Jose Luis Orozco and his music!

Rockalingua is very popular! I am not a big fan of this video, but I am gonna try it anyways and see if the kids like it!

We love this song at home! Excelente for dancing and moving our bodies!!
Tibuton Bebe

3. We will also read in small groups a very simple and fun book from my friend Mundo De Pepita!!! She has some AMAZING products at her store! I got this book from her! It is about saying Buenos Dias to different animals outdoors! I highly recommend it! Check it out HERE!
I only added some QR codes on each page with my voice. None of my friends speak Spanish so I really wanted them to take something with them! I included the QR codes so in case they want to read the book at home again, they know what to pronounce the words! :)

4. Along with this Read Aloud I am doing from Mundo de Pepita, I am also doing a matching game! This product includes some fun and colorful cards! I made the QR codes with my recording voice. Kids are scanning the QR codes to listen to the phrase and matching the QR codes with the correct picture card :)

5. To get kids moving I am doing a Scavenger Hunt game around my house! I will place the QR codes on the walls and kids will scan them to find the picture on their sheet! Again, I am using Mundo de Pepita cards on this! :) I just did a lot of cutting and pasting to create the sheet that the kids will use to record their hunt :)

6. If time is permitted, we will color and practice some simple and very common words in Spanish! I made this booklet that includes QR codes so they can practice at home! If we cannot get to this, it's ok. They will take it home and do that at home if they want to! :)

7. Last, but not least! Kids will be making a Paper Bag Turkey puppet! I created this last year with some writing on it. But since we are going this just for fun and these are kids that are not even in PreK yet, we are turning this writing puppet into just a puppet! I figured this is the perfect time to get some Gobble, Gobble going!!


Well my friends this is it! I hope you find this helpful and even you give it a try! Visit my friend from Mundo de Pepita, she has awesome stuff! If you would like to get a copy of my personal books, please shoot me an email at My GMAIL and I will be more than happy to share it with you!!! :)

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Mini Erasers Fans and Addicts Report!!


Hi friends! I know I have not been around much! We have moved to another house, while putting our home for sale, plus having the kids make all of this a little bit more difficult! While all this craziness has been taken place, I have been working so hard lately to get this unit done!! So today I would like to blog about my addiction to mini erasers (I am sure you already believe me based on my picture)!!!!

If you follow me on my Instagram (@brincaintobilingual), you already know my addiction for those little mini erasers! I started a long time ago when I just started teaching (more than 4 years ago), but they were not as popular as they are right now. However, my love and addiction for them has always been there!
Once I get back in the classrom, I will have ALL my mini erasers (some are packed in my garage) so I am planning on making another blog post regarding storage and more pictures or even some videos while my students use them!

Meanwhile, I am planning ahead on creating a product that can be used along with the mini erasers as a whole group or in centers. I am not really sure WHY I took so LONG to start this unit. I have always used them in my classroom from one way or another. This time, after having so many bags, I promised myself I was not going to leave it incomplete and that I was going to finish it! My plan of a 100-pages unit turned into 200 pages and then I ended up making 9 folders! 

This unit has turned into one of my favorite units (go figured huh?)!!! I am planning on adding more themes as I get a chance to catch up (adding those mermaids, donuts, aliens, etc) AND as more mini erasers are added at Target! If you are interested, but then you say "I don't have all of them, so can I could I use this activity?" NO PROBLEM! I got you covered! I included mini counters for you to use instead of the mini erasers!
The unit is mainly for 2nd and 3rd grade. However, I included 1st grade in the description because you can always use SOME activities with the above grade level students in 1st grade!

So here is a little sneak peek of what comes in the unit (This is also available in Spanish):
1. Parts of Speech  (Nouns, Nouns vs Verbs)
2. Sight Words
3. Bar Graphs 
4. Pictographs 
5. Comparing Numbers (How much more?) 
6. Race to 100 
7. Addition and Subtraction Facts 
8. Multiplication and Division Facts 
9. Part-Part-Whole Word Problems
10. Mini Counters to replace the mini erasers

I still have a few more activities I would like to add, but due to my time (and a little bit of energy), I decided to add them as I am adding more themes into this unit!
I hope you find this new unit as exciting as I do and that you take a look at my store! Click on ENGLISH or SPANISH to take you to the product!

Thank you for stopping by today! I look forward to blog more next week! I will try my best to finish another product I have been working on that I just left incomplete (not an unusual thing for me to do lately). Hope you are having a great week and that it also goes fast so you can recharge over the weekend!

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Classroom Management & 1st Week!!!

Hi friends!!
I hope everyone is having a great week!! I know some of you might had already started teaching your kiddos and some of you are getting really close to the first day of school! Whatever your case is, I hope you are doing JUST FINE! :)

I would like to talk about Classroom Management and a unit that you can use on the first week of school year. Also I wanted to share with you all a Free HW Pass Freebies I have in my store! :)

Classroom Management
I am sure most of you already have a system or your school lets you know what procedures are needed to take for classroom management. In my case, I have been trained and I was required to use CHAMPS. I honestly did not really know what to do with it, except using the things my school already provided for me to use. However, one day I had a teacher asking me if I could make some posters for her in the Dual Program. So I thought "Duh! of course I could use these and place them all around my classroom!"
So I created 5 CHAMPS POSTERS in both English and Spanish. Then, I had a request on my TPT to add one for writing and/or independent practice, but leaving it blank, so I added that!
So the final product comes with 7 CHAMPS posters (Centers, Group Work, Line, Class, Carpet Time, and 2 blank posters with students are their desk working). About the Blank Posters: Google docs do not have a portrait option, so be aware that the editable document is in a landscape position. Please see the instructions in the beginning of the document to edit the document. One poster contains a student at a desk (can be used for tests or independent work) and the second poster contains two students working at their desk (can be used for reading/writing time). PLEASE know that you cannot edit the fancy/big font or the clip art due to copyrights.
Click HERE if you would like to check it out :)

This same school district was very strong about implementing CHAMPS, so after a year of using it, I came up with an interactive bulletin board in my classroom. I created this for a foam board, but you can honestly just put some magnets on the back and have it up on your dry-erase board.
At the beginning of the school year (maybe the first 3/4 months), I was mainly the one who used this board. We would use this board ALL THE TIME. For every activity, including: independent practice (I would just say independent practice and clarify with my students what kind of independent practice we are working on. In that way, we are not having illustrations for every specific activity), cooperative groups, carpet time, centers, and tests. However, after those months I would start choosing students to do it and the rest of the class would participate on answering what was expected. When they realized I started asking students, they all wanted to be "the teacher." I didn't expect them to want that since they were in third grade, but they just loved it!! 

Alright, this board works like this:
I would go letter by letter "C is for conversation (I would expect the students to answer after months of doing this)" Then I would say "What voice level are we on? Level 1 (Expect students to answer). Then I would say, show me what level 1 sound like (this level is whispering so students would start whispering to me). Then I would go letter by letter until we finish the word CHAMPS.

If you would like a copy of this, please click HERE to take you to my store. The only items that this product doesn't contained is the border that I used to decorate the foam board and the foam board. On the product, I included more pictures of how the board looks like and the illustrations come with labels so you know what they are used for. I also included a video on how to use the board, if  you are more of a visual person like I am :)

For the First week of School 
I have created with 56 pages of fun and great activities! This unit comes with different activities that can be done in groups or whole class; some other activities can be done in partners or centers. These are all simple and fun; just perfect for the first week of school!
The best part?! Like all of my products, it comes in English and Spanish!!!

I would like to show you what's in it and hopefully you like it as much as I do so you head over my store :)

1. I created this made-up story about a kid named Jack, who just moved to a new town called Mustacheville. This kid has a mustache and feels left out by the other kids because he's different (he has a purple mustache). However, the story changes when he meets someone else, someone who is also different than the other kids!
This story comes with a foldable to write the B, M, and E of the story. It also comes with a foldable to compare and contrast the main two characters in the story.

2. Then, I added some ice breaker cards! I usually play some music and when it stops, students grab the first person near them to partner up. I included specific instructions on how to do this activity. They use their ice breaker card and then report it on an activity sheet. 

 3. What more fun than Bingo? An ice breaker Bingo! You can have students in small groups or as a whole class!

4. I also included a writing activity! Students would interview a partner with a Question sheet (it includes 20 different questions) and they can include their own question too! Then they would make this fun poster/Foldable! Don't forget to take a picture with a mustache for your activity! 

And this is what's in the inside. They will compare an contrast themselves with their new friend! 

5. Time for some I have, who has... Game!! Simple addition facts for your class!

6. Last, but not least. I included some addition word problems. This might be a little challenging for the first week. However, I included both low and high level word problems! So you get to choose which level fits best for your class on the first week of school! It comes with an answer sheet and a sheet for them to show their strategy. Every level comes with 10 cards. I figured this is too much for the first week of school, so on the instructions, I said for them to pick three cards and work in partners! But remember you can always change the rules if you think your class is ready for some more :)

If you would like to see this product, click on English or Spanish :)

Need/want more of the mustaches?? I have a freebie and another unit with this fun theme! Click FreebieMustache Unit English, or Mustache Unit Spanish so you can check the products on my TPT store! :)

I hope you have found something useful for your class on this post :)
If you have some time, I'd love to hear from you! Please feel free to leave me a comment, I love hearing from my readers!