Sunday, September 29, 2013

Science: Solid, liquid, and gas... PLACE VALUE

Hello everyone!!!
Yes!! I'm still alive! I am sorry I have not posted anything for the past two and half weeks! I have been SICK, SICK, SICK!!!! For the past weeks, I have NOT been myself at all! I barely made it to work every morning, and coming back home to take all night off. I am not like that at all... I usually workout as soon as I get home and then take about one or two hours to do some work... Well, that has not happening... I am not sure what it was, but I know that I feel better now. At least, better to start working from home and do extra things after school.
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Anyways, here is a little summary of what we have been working on for this past unit in Science:

We started to have a weekly lab day in my school, so we have been able to do lots of different experiments... We have done Oobleck (I obtained the recipe from a mailbox book, but you can always look on Pinterest) and Soda bombs! :)
Click HERE for a FREE copy of this recording sheet :) (first page of document)

I found the perfect way to do easy soda bombs!!! We talked about soda being a liquid and combining it with Mentos (which are solid) will create a chemical reaction by producing gas, making this gas exploding from the bottle. My students had so much fun doing this as an experiment. I got the idea  from the following blog: PANCAKES AND FRENCH FRIES

We have also created a tri-foldable to show the different states of matter and how the particles/molecules of each state looks like. Click on MY PINTEREST to see where I got the idea from :)

Moreover, we did some sorting activity on our Science journals to classify matter in solid, liquid, and gas. Click HERE to take your to the FREE copy :) (second page of document)

Last, but not least... I finally finished my unit on Place Value. This was supposed to be done earlier, but as you understand, I have not been as healthy as I wanted to be in order to finish this on time. Nevertheless, I hope you find this unit useful for your class. I will be working on a multiplication unit for the next few weeks and some Math centers! So stay tuned :)
To see my unit on my TPT, click HERE
Here is a little peek of my new unit:

That's it for me today... I hope you have an amazing week.. I will be reporting myself on Friday with new pictures and activities :)

Friday, September 6, 2013

FREEBIE - Free Homework Passes

Hi everyone! :)
I have to admit that this week has been rough y'all... I am barely dragging out of bed and half asleep as I am getting ready dress and having breakfast :( Have been feeling like me?
On the other hand, my kids have been so great and doing their best at school so that's been a relieve... However, I've been told that we are still on the "honeymoon" stage ;)

This week, we have been working about all numbers... place value, number line, comparing numbers, ordering numbers, etc. I am currently working on Math centers so I can get to start using them towards the end of this week :) So if you are looking for some great Math centers, stay tuned!

Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures to show at this time, but I promise I'll be posting some very soon!

This post will be very short, so I apologize for not being able to blog more about my week. However, I didn't want to skip this week and skip my new FREEBIE :)

I created this Free Homework Passes for this year :) I know they are not monkeys or safari with animal prints, but the super Rock Stars characters have animal prints on their outfits (so that counts), PLUS they go better with the title :)
If I change my theme next year, I am planning on creating more so it can match my classroom theme :)
Click on the Front cover of my Freebie OR click HERE to take you to my TPT :)

Thank you for stopping by my blog and I hope my Free Homework Passes will be a good addition to your classroom theme this year :)

As always, have a great and restful weekend!