Sunday, August 10, 2014

New family, new school, new grade, and new beginning... I am BACK! Back to school theme! :)

Hello everyone!
I know I promised myself to blog more and especially throughout the summer, but I really really have a good excuse (dejavu?)... "Pollita"!!! I am soooo in love with my daughter!! I know all moms out there say the same thing, but I really am in love! She has taken all my time and dedication that I have not been able to blog since my last post... so I am sorry for all of you who have been so kind to me and read my posts... but if any of you have children or love someone so much, you might understand this indescribable feeling...

With all that mushy talk, I wanted to share with y'all that I moved to a different district this year. I was given 2nd grade bilingual (yay!!), but things changed and now I'll be teaching PreK (wow!!)... I am very excited to this new challenge and see how things go! I am definitely planning on finishing some units that I did not get to finish over the summer or last year, so if you stick around you'll be able to see not only Prek stuff but also some other resources! :)

I want to take this opportunity to present to you my last year classroom theme and this new one coming up... I did a Jungle theme last year, if you would like to see my classroom post from the year 2012-2013 click HERE.
If you would like to see my product on my TPT, click on the picture.

On "Meet the Teacher Night" I passed these goodies to my students, click HERE to see my post :)
If you would like to download the FREE product on my TPT, click on the picture. The tags come for all grades (Kinder to 5th Grade).

This year I'll be having a circus theme! I wanted to do owls, but when Prek was assigned to me, I couldn't resist it and decided to change it :)
I do not have pictures of my classroom yet, since they are not letting us work on it until next week (yes, I'm also freaking out about it). But I wanted to show you a sneak peek of what my classroom theme packet contains.

I am thinking on giving cotton candy on meet the teacher night, What do you all think???? THESE COME IN BOTH ENGLISH AND SPANISH :)
Stay tuned! I'll be blogging with pictures of these goodies on my next post (coming Soon)!!!

For this next part, you might want to stick around! Since I have been so bad in posting things, I decided to create all the following posters FOR FREE!! I'll be posting soon how I am using these in my classroom (since my classroom it's not ready yet, I can't really post and show you anything at this point). As I was saying, I had created new posters for my classroom. Since I'll be teaching PreK, everything, I mean EVERYTHING is in Spanish. So I created some posters in both English and Spanish for FREE.

Click on the picture to take you to the product on my TPT store.

The following are posters that I'll be using on my calendar. The weather freebie has  a chart with days of the week and icons to determine the weather. It also contains kids wearing different clothes that I'm planning on using to review with kids what kind of clothes they should wear according to the weather :)

The birthday cupcakes will be placed on my calendar board and I'l be using the candles to write the student's name. The candles will be placed on the corresponding cupcake.

Since I'll be teaching PreK, I figured the month signs I had should be more visual than just words, so I created these for free :)

That's it for me friends! I am so sorry again for disappearing, but I am back and looking forward to a new school year!
I'd love to leave you with a picture of my bundle of joy, and maybe you could forgive me even more for being absent ;)