Friday, April 24, 2015

It is time to Stop, Swap & Roll!!

Juliana and I have decided to extend the time for our giveaway! So feel free to enter for this great giveaway!!!

Hello y'all!!!
I am so happy to be participating on my very first swap post!!!  Make sure you click on the button below to see what other bloggers are swapping and blogging about!!

Like I mentioned, this is my very first swap, so I have never done this, and I'm thrilled to work with an amazing partner!!! I have been honored to swap a product with the amazing Juliana Suarez from Kinder Bilingue :)

Make sure you stop by her blog and follow her (click on her button above), she has amazing products that you would love as much as I do! Check her out and if you can, leave her some love by writing a comment on her post :)

Alright! I got to choose a product from Juliana and it was so hard! She has a wide variety and amazing products in her store. but I finally chose the "Mi trabajo de mañana (abril)", which is the Morning work Routine for month of April (this is the English version).

I am not in the classroom this year, but I chose this product because I always had to find a little time for my students to get some daily spiral. It was amazing how several of them needed this daily review to refresh their minds about what we were learning! So I picked several sheets that could apply to second grade and I solved them!

I loved that Juliana showed a guide on how to use these sheets on your own weeks OR to separate them into weeks:

 She included a guide with instructions on what to
do in each box!

Then, she included a preview to guide you better on
how to use them :)

 There are 25 sheets to choose from! Each sheet counts as a day and it has several and different skills!

It contains several skills for Math:

It also contains skills for Language
Arts / Spanish Language Arts:

It does not only apply to math and Language Arts, but also to Science and graphic organizers!!

I loved this product! I can see my students having a huge benefit on this quick daily spiral!! For those that already "got it" is a great way to review and those that "still don't get it" is a great way to give them more practice!! It is definitely a win- win for all!! :)

Well, would you like a copy of Mi trabajo de mañana (abril)?? (Of course you do!! Who wouldn't?!?!) All you have to do is enter in the Rafflecopter and follow the instructions!! When the giveaway is over, I'll be posting the winner on this page and sending the product to the email provided on the Rafflecopter :)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Juliana also chose a product from my store, El ciclo de vida de las mariquitas y las mariposas:

Just click on the picture above to take you to Juliana's post to find out more about this product and enter to win your own copy!

Don't forget there are several and amazing bloggers who are part of this fun swap, so make sure you stop by to visit them and enter on their product giveaway as well!! :) Just click on the links below:

Monday, April 20, 2015

Alphabet Bulletin Board now in ENGLISH!!! On Sale!!

Hello everyone!!!!
I am happy to post and show you that I am finished with my Alphabet Bulletin Board Unit in English!! I will be re-posting pictures from my Spanish post, but know that the only difference is that the pictures will vary...

All the letters are to be placed on your bulletin board in the classroom (so students can see them daily and it can work as a visual for them). I pinned mine with thumbtacks so I put them up and take them down anytime.

I then pull down whichever letter we will need to work with my small groups. Each illustration has Velcro on the back so it can stick to it while working and for them to stay while it was hung on the board. I would go over the sound and each vocabulary word with my students. As we repeat the sounds and words, I then would let my students place it as they say the phrase, e.g. "A is for astronaut". They LOVEEEEDD this part, I don't know if it was the whole velcro thing or the fact that they felt they could do it on their own :)

Finally, I created this booklet for them to put together. I didn't staple my sample, but you could staple them to make sure the pages stay together. You could use this as a Friday review of the letter learned, small group review, or even homework.

I created a FREE SAMPLE if you would like to give it a try :) Please click on the picture below to take you to my TPT store to download the sample.

I really hope you love it so much that you want to purchase the packet, so since my unit it's new I'll be offering a BIG discount. The regular price is $8.00, but it will be ON SALE for two days (today Tuesday and tomorrow Wednesday) at $5.00. That's ALMOST 40% OFF!!!

Thank you for stopping by my blog and stay tuned!!!

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

TPT Followers Freebie #1 AND New Product!!

Hello everyone!!
I am so excited to be back with great news!!! I have finished my unit Rain, Rain, Go Away! in both languages (English & Spanish)!! This is the perfect time since we will probably get several rainy days and testing days. Let's admit it, we all get tired of having inside recess with a movie or "Free time" inside our classroom, PLUS during testing time, there is no recess at all! So poor babies need some kind of activities that does not required for them to be sitting watching to a screen (maybe they don't mind at all).

Before I continue, I wanted to let all my TPT followers that today is THE DAY!! I have been giving you hints on my last posts about a surprise for y'all and the day has finally arrived!
I sent you all an email on TPT (which TPT reviews and approves within 48 hours) with the links for my newest product in both languages! I checked the number of followers before clicking "send" and the last follower was 554... Soooo if you don't have it right now in your inbox, you will have it soon!
I am very thankful and I wanted to express it by sending you that exclusive freebie!
You will see on my TPT a new Freebie product that say TPT Followers Freebie #1, please leave me any questions or comments or if you would like to give me your feedback about what you received please feel free!!! :)
If you did not get to follow me on time to receive this exclusive Freebie, do not worry! I am planning on continue with these surprises, just make sure you click on "Follow Me"!! :)

I have created a FREE Sample, so even if you got the email on TPT, you might want to download this Freebie from my Store :) Click on the picture below to take you to my product.

Now, here is what my new products contain (what my followers up to 554 received in their TPT inbox).

1. The unit starts with some colorful puzzles. I gave a sheet with instructions on how to storage them and how to color code them to avoid students mixing them up (we all know that always happens in centers!)

2. Guess What game board has clues of items that students need to guess, this only has the answer key and does not have a word bank. I thought it would be "too easy" since this is similar to the Criss-Cross activity. 

3. Word Search and Criss-Cross puzzles with word banks :)

4. Domino game

5. Rain, Rain, Go Away Bingo version:

6. Last, but not least; I created a Writing activity for those students that just would write at any time and would love to do a "Rainy Day" Craft!

Before I go, I want to remind you that both of these products are new so they will be on sale for the next two days (until April 16th, 2015). The regular price is $3.00, but they will be on SALE with a 40% OFF at $1.80 :)

Thank you for stopping by my blog, and to all my followers once again for staying with me and motivate me to create more! :)

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Educents Launch & Giveaway!!!

We got great news!!! Educents is opening a marketplace, which means now you can purchase items from seller stores any day!! That is in addition to the great deals they already offer! There are over 500 stores in the marketplace for you to save some money!!
Some great bloggers and I are joining together on this blog hop to introduce ourselves and show you the great products we have in our stores!!

Thank you for stopping my blog today!! I am Mrs. Nicolau and I am a bilingual teacher in Texas. I am originally from Peru and came to the states on my own (going to a private school to learn English) when I was 19 years old. My mom and sister came after I did; after living a year in Nebraska and 5 years in Maryland, I got married to my amazing husband and moved here in Texas with him :) We have an adorable 10-month-old baby who I called "pollita" (it means little chick in Spanish). I have taught second, third and Prek; However, I am currently staying at home with my precious bundle of joy and I wouldn't change it for anything! If you are a parent you might know how difficult it is when you have children, but you also know that there is nothing in this world that could replace the joy and love of having them, and mine is only 10 months! I can't wait to feel more of these amazing feelings as she grows up!
I try my best to focus my free time (what is that?) in creating educational products. I have a long list of ideas that I have not been able to finish or start before while I was teaching. So this is the time that I am using to get to this list.

This was in December when Pollita was about 7 months

I am bright new to Educents, so I invite you to stop by storefront and check out my products!
Click HERE or click on the picture below:

Don't forget to follow my storefront too!! If you follow me, you will be the first one to know my discounts, new products, and new freebies!
Click on the heart that says "Follow me" and you will start getting updates from my store! I uploaded a picture to give you a better idea of what my storefront looks like :)

I really love teaching. However, besides that, I have several hobbies. The only problem that I have is that I never have enough time to do them all!! :( I love reading, I am one of those book worms that could spend all day sitting on a couch and read a book. So I try not to do it at night because then I would not be able to sleep; believe me, you don't want to see me without having a decent good night sleep (I said decent, because I stopped knowing what real sleeping means 10 months ago, lol).
I also love scrapbooking!! I discovered it when I got married. I spent money on it, but I had just been able to do two albums in 7 years!! Truth to be told, I don't know when I will be able to do a third one... but I just love it!
Last one (I promise this is the last one, I could go on and on), I LOVEEEEE going to the beach! I don't believe in reincarnation, but I think I might have been a dolphin or a mermaid (no wait, I am not near to look like one!! lol). There is something about the sun, water, and sand that takes me away and makes my soul happy!! I love getting a good tang and just laying down on a towel! Even better if I have a good book on my hands!! We are looking forward to this summer, since "pollita" will be old enough to be outside (not for so long of course).

I am so happy and excited to present this NEW freebie! I have several that I have created since I started teaching, but this is a bright new one! I have been working on giveaways and blog post lately that I have not been able to finish a Freebie in several weeks.
This Freebie can be used mainly for 1st and 2nd grade; however, I think it can be used also in Kindergarten with a little bit of guide by the teacher. This Freebie comes in both English and Spanish languages :)

Two students can work together to work on this. Each get a bunny with a wheeler; they spin it and mark on their laminated graph with a dry-erase marker. They stop spinning once any of the items have reached the top. MAKE SURE THEY DON'T ERASE THEY RESULTS, THEY'LL BE USING IT ON THEIR BOOKLET.

Next, they record their result on their paper graph.

Once they finished recording it on the graph sheet (they need to color the eggs as well), they can start writing their conclusions on the question section.

Once they finished they can work on their booklet by coloring the front cover.

Would you like a copy? Of course, just click HERE to take you to my Educents product :)