Saturday, January 25, 2014

Love is in the air!! Let's have a giveaway!! :)

Hi everyone!!!
How was your week? Did you get to have a snow day yesterday?? The weather here in Central Texas has been crazyyyy!! I know you probably have seen me saying this A LOT.. but seriously.. we were on the high 60s at the beginning of the week, and we ended up having snow on Friday! Now, don't tell me that is not crazyyy!! lol
We never close school, but this time we got to have a "snow day"... I say it like that because I compare this kind of snow day with Maryland... I am telling you, I kinda laugh at Texas.. HOWEVER, I DO appreciate having an extra day off  :) PLUS, I have to admit that my driving winter skills are not as good as seven years ago, so I DO appreciate not having to drive on icy roads, and hours of traffic; especially when I have to drive about 30 minutes to get to school and pass by at least three bridges...

Thanks to this day, I was able to finally finish my Valentine's unit!! Whoooppp!!
So I decided to do a quick and easy giveaway.. Are you ready???!!! It is sooo simple and anyone can participate!! :)

Here is what I am giving away:

1. My newest 3rd Grade Math Center Unit:

For more information on what this unit contains, please go to my TPT store HERE.

2. My ELA Unit based on "Froggy's First Kiss" in ENGLISH:

For more information on what this unit contains, please go to my TPT store HERE.

3. My SLA Unit based on "El primer beso de Froggy" in SPANISH:

For more information on what this unit contains, please go to my TPT store HERE.
How can you win one of these units?!? EASY BREEZYYY!!
Just follow the two steps:
1. Follow my TPT store (Click on my green icon to take you there OR click HERE)
2. Leave me a comment confirming that you follow me on TPT.. ALSO, write your choice of unit :)
 and contact info (email).
I will do this in the old school way... I will separate all votes by choice of unit and draw one name per unit!! you can be the lucky one to take one of these for FREE!!!
Have a restful weekend and thank you for stopping by my blog!! :)

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Short and Sweet Post - Soil Sheet and Measurement news

Hello ladies!
This is going to be a very short and sweet post... I have not posted any picture of myself before because I try for this blog to be related to my teaching and educational resources only. However, I wanted to share with everyone our happiness and blessing... My husband and I were trying for a while to get pregnant, but things were getting a little bit more complicating... However, God has blessed us with a beautiful baby girl that keeps surprising us every day:)
I am 24 weeks and I wanted to share a couple of self pictures... Despite of the sickness and craziness that this pregnancy has brought me, we are so thrilled and I excited to meet our daughter in May... I would do it all over again... well... maybe not the first trimester ;)

Nowwww.. going back to a school topic!
We have been talking about measurements this week in school. We looked into the customary and metric system. As an activity, I selected different items in the classroom that my students had to measure in both inches and centimeters. They all record their measurement on a two-window foldable that were glued onto their Math journal. Here are some pictures of my kiddos in action! :)

In Science we talked about soil and weathering. We looked into what soil contains and how this is also formed by different layers. Here is our hands-on activity; students are sorting all the different matter found in the soil (humus, rocks, and material left behind by living things).

Students draw their observations on these sheets. If you would like a copy, they all come in Spanish and English version :) Just click on the picture or HERE to take you to my sharing docs.
Well my friends, like I had said.. this post was going to be short and sweet! Enjoy your three-day weekend!! :) I will see you next week with more news and new ideas!!

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Take it easy.. grab a Freebie!! :) Place Value and Penguins Craft

Hi everyone!!! Soooooo... How was your first week of school?!
Well, mine wassss... Oh boy! what a mix of behaviors and new challenges!!! The first two days were like my students ate a bunch of knowledge over the break and I couldn't have enough of it!!! You know one of those days that you want more and more of it... Then, everything went who knows where! They were tired and when that was not an issue, they were being "too social"... It definitely didn't feel like a short week...
However, we got a chance to review some place value skills, finish up our TEK of earth's changes (we started before the Christmas break talking about volcanoes), and do some area skills.

We didn't get to do much with Earthquakes and Landslides, but just writing facts and doing a demo of an earthquake. However, I did incorporate the skill of Cause & Effect since I heard from my co-teacher that our students need more of this concept :)
So here's a picture of an anchor chart I did in order to incorporate it:

Because I feel that I have not been doing so well on creating new products, I decided to post my latest games and activities as Freebies. Who doesn't like to get stuff for free?! I know I DO!! :)

So here is my first creation, perfect for a winter theme! It is a Penguin Craft that can go perfect with any writing, list of facts, or anything that you would like to!

Click HERE to take you to my TPT product...

Also, this is the activity that I did with my students on the first week we were back from Christmas break. We did a place value review up to Hundred Thousands place; However, I created this product so younger grades can also use it. For more information on how to use this activity, download my product on my TPT store.
Click HERE to take you to my Place Value product...

Well it's time to finish that load of laundry my friends! I hope your weekend has been restful and peaceful! Always wishing you a good school week!! :)
Thank for stopping by my blog, stay tuned!

Monday, January 6, 2014

Better late than never!! Volcanoes, Christmas party, and freebie tags

So it's been wayyyy too long since my last post, but as you know the last week of school before Christmas it's CRAZY!!!! Not to mention lesson plans, grades, and a family trip out of town... Now we are back to a warmer weather in Texas! We get back tomorrow with a training and Tuesday I'll be seeing my monkeys again :)

Before I share with y'all my trip, I wanted to refer back to my Landforms post; I added more pictures and a couple more activities to it, click on Landforms please :)

On the last week of school before Christmas, we talked about volcanoes and did a fun/quick experiment to observe how volcanoes erupt. Here is a picture of our foldable:

For our Volcano experiment, we just added baking soda, food coloring (red and yellow to make an orange lava color), and vinegar... My students first built their volcano with play-dough; then poured vinegar into the hole (each group had a mini cup containing vinegar), added two drops of yellow and red food coloring, and at last added two tea spoons of baking soda.

For our Christmas party, we watched "The Polar Express" and I gave a couple gifts to my students. They automatically recognized the box by saying "just like in the movie!" They all loved the little box and I think it turned out super cute! :)

I purchased the mini boxes from Oriental Trading; here is the link to the product in case you would like to check it out! Click HERE

I purchased the mini bows from Wal-Mart and I made the tickets myself. To make the tickets look more sparkly I bought a spray bottle from Michaels. Here is a picture of the bottle and it is called "Color Shine" and it's basically a spray that gives a sparkly look to the paper...
I also made these mini bags that contain hot chocolate bags and mini marshmallows:

You can download for FREE both tickets and tags on my TPT store, click HERE to take you to my TPT product.
Remember my post on recycling construction paper? Well, we finally got a chance to use the paper! We made small Christmas cards with it and they turned out super cute! :)

If you would like to see my post on recycling paper, click on the following link:  Natural Resources & Recycling Activity
I just wanted to share with you before I leave what I did over my Christmas break... We spent all my the break in VA and MD. Before I got married, I used to live with my mom in MD so when I moved to Texas, she moved to Virginia. My husband's family live in Maryland as well, so we were going to these two states the whole time.
It's been long, long, too long since I have been in a descent snow day, so my sister and I have been praying for some snow... whatever the amount, a lot of it or just a little bit of it.. at least before we both leave Virginia.... So we got some! Here is a collage picture of how my mom's neighborhood looked after it stopped snowing:

We were so happy!! At least we got to enjoy the VERY cold weather for a day :)

Well, this is it for me! It is resting time for this sleepy bear! ;) I hope you had an awesome break and I wish you a fabulous first week of school!
Thanks for stopping by my blog, stay tuned!! :)