Sunday, July 31, 2016

Welcome to Freebieland!!!

Hello everyone and welcome back! I know everyone must be "running around like a chicken with the head cut off" on these days! So I am sorry if this post is a little lengthy, but don't worry, you will NOT regret reading it! There are a lot of good stuff here, so stay with me! :)

Let's jump to the point, shall we? :)

If you are in Pre-k and K.. maybe even 1st grade, you might want to read this part! 
I used all of these last year when I taught pre-K.

1. I have color posters that come in both English and Spanish for FREE! Here is a picture of some of them. I posted these on my white board so we used these as we sang our color song every morning! Click HERE to take you to my TPT store to download... PLEASE, I WOULD REALLY APPRECIATE YOU LEAVING ME SOME FEEDBACK :)

2. I also have number posters that also come in both English and Spanish for FREE! Here is a picture of some of them. We also used these as we sang along every morning.. My kids used to LOVEEE pointing at them as we count in our song. Click HERE to take you to my TPT store to download... PLEASE, I WOULD REALLY APPRECIATE YOU LEAVING ME SOME FEEDBACK :)

3. Now, I have another Freebie that was absolutely the best thing during morning routine for my kids!
Basically, I printed all the sheets in a real poster size, yes big size! I laminated them and placed magnets on the back of the figures (the sun, clouds, rainbow, etc). I placed all these on my board along with the rest of the posters we used every morning. So on one day I would choose a weather person, look through the window and talk to me about what the weather was like for the day. So then,this same student would go in front of the class say the weather and then choose the correct illustration and place it on the big poster that shows the days of the week. Sometimes we had time to do the "What should I wear today?" and sometimes we didn't, but it was there :)
They absolutely loveeeedd talking and looking at the weather! I hate myself for not taking any pictures of it! So I am so so sorry! Sadly, I don't have it anymore, either! The moment I stopped teaching I gave it away to the teacher who was going to teach Pre-K and I never asked her to take a picture for me. This is the closest preview I could create for you to have an idea of what it is, before you go to my store!

Click HERE to take you to my TPT store. I would love to see your feedback if you download this product! :)

4. Months of the Year in both English and Spanish! We used these also every morning and we sang along as we pointed the cards! Click HERE to take you to my TPT store.

Last thing for this section! I have center signs! I included the big signs that I used to hang from the ceiling or for some, I placed them by the area to indicate what center was. I also included the small signs. I used these small signs to place on my board and right next to it, I would place my two students' pictures. So every time we started center time, we would go by our list to indicate who was supposed to be in which center. Then we would also look at it every time we did a rotation. This also helped my little ones remember what center they are supposed to stay! lol.
I placed magnet in all the small signs and their pictures. That made it easy in case I needed to change partners and when we had to do a rotation (I used to move the signs when rotating).

These also come in English and Spanish. I included a slide with the list of the signs so you know what comes in it. The following signs are included: Senses, Reading, Listening, Writing, Blocks, Science, Social Studies, Kitchen, Teacher, Puzzles, Computers, ABC, Art, Math.
If you would like to download this freebie, click HERE.

This following Freebie applies to every grade!

I have always wanted to have this next to my door, so I finally finished it! There are cards that you can tape or hot glue onto a ribbon, use a cloth pin to let people know where you are.
I am letting you know this is a little bit different than the others. I made mine BIG.. I mean, BIG like TEXAS BIG Y'ALL! LOL Each circle is about 5'', so before you download it, make sure you check out the picture.. I took some close ups and then a picture to show the whole ribbon...
Click HERE if you would like to download this Freebie.

I wanted to show you my little helper, telling me "Mom we are here" lol Just kidding, she can't say that yet... but she sure loved playing with it ;)
Awwww my little helper back then! Now she has way more hair and she's so bigger now!!! Time does really flyyyyy :(

This might apply only to those grades that have interactive notebooks (or journals)

Last but not least, I wanted to remind you that if you follow me on Facebook, you can get access to my Freebie Folder for Fans! I have journal posters in there that can be yours for FREE!! You cannot find these at my TPT store, it is only for my Facebook Fans! :) There are five different covers all come in English and Spanish! The covers are for Science, Math, Poetry, Writing, and Reading.


It is very simple to find them. You need to make sure you follow me on Facebook in order to be able to see what's in it. Click "Like" on my Facebook Page.

Then you scroll down, and you will see on the left a folder that says "Fan Freebies".

Click on it and you'll see a page that says "Click here to get your Freebie" that has a monkey. If you don't see this page, it means you did not like the page. So make sure you do in order to activate the folder :)

When you click on it, it will take you to a folder where I have documents in it (not so many, but I am working on it). Click on the document you will like to download. and click on the arrow that says "download"

Hope all these steps help you all! I only had one person who was not able to get in, not really sure how or why. But my goal was to make this more visual for those that need more of it :)

Thank you for stopping by my blog today, I know it was a long post, but I hope you were able to download some or all of these freebies! I'll be posting some products next week to help you get started on those first crazy days or weeks of school!!! Activities and classroom management is on my mind for next post, so stay tuned! :)

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Classroom Theme anyone???

Hi friends :)
I remember when I had a classroom, I used to start going to my school to it together in the middle of July... don't get me wrong, I used to start in July, but not all day like crazy, just little by little.. I am sure most of you, if not all, are back into your classrooms decorating and maybe some even finish with decorations (because we all know there are some crazy ones that start in July as a full time!)... Anyhow, whatever your case is, I hope you are having a great time and that you are looking forward to a new school year! :)

I want to take some time today to share with you some of the classroom themes I have done in the past.  

This is my most favorite part of what I did that year to decorate my classroom with a Jungle theme was my door. It took me several hours and a few days to finish it, but I loved every single thing of it! :) I have different blog posts, if you want to read these and see more of my classroom on that year, please click on Classroom Tour. I also have some goodie bag labels to use as a welcome snack that goes along with this theme, so click on Snacks
I have a Jungle Theme classroom decor product, so if you would like to see it on my TPT, please click HERE. I also have a FREE welcome banner that goes along with it and it comes in Spanish and English.

I then created a Circus theme classroom decor, but sadly I don't have any pictures of this theme. This theme was when I had just given birth to "Pollita" (my daughter) and I just couldn't think of taking any pictures or posting anything about it.. I only had the energy to get my classroom ready, breastfeed, and if I was lucky, I was able to sleep at night... lol, So I am sorry about that. However, there is a post about it, so check it out HERE!!
If you would like to see the Circus Theme classroom decor product on TPT, please click HERE.

Last but not least, I want to share this theme... If you are doing a superhero theme this year, you might want to check it out!! I am so excited about this theme. It is so colorful and fun! I really had a great time creating it...

IF you would like to see this product,  please click HERE to take you to my TPT store :)

I took some pictures of the sheets so you can have a better preview of what comes in it.

1. Name tags: These come in 3 different styles for boys and 3 different styles for girls. You can edit this document by typing the student's name on it :)

2. Calendar: This calendar comes with numbers, days of the week, months, cupcake pictures for those special birthdays, and cards to point out what day is today, what day was yesterday, and what day will be tomorrow :)

3. Material Tags: I have also included blank cards so you can type in words :) 

4. Word Wall: It comes with all letters in both English and Spanish with four different styles. It comes with blank tags so you can write or type the words.

5. Behavior Chart and Subject Signs (ELA, Math, Science, and Social Studies).

6. Table Signs in both Spanish and English. My favorite is the Laser Eyed Heroes!! :)

I did not include pictures of the banner, but you can see some of the sheets on the preview picture (the first picture I posted).

You might think I am crazy for decorating a door in my house, but when I did this, I still had one child and therefore I had a "me time"! LOL I am telling you, this makes me happy! Just to decorate and create stuff for the classroom.. I just love it and I can't have enough of it! However, I am not ready to go back to work just yet.. Now I have two little blessings at home that love just being with her mami and mami loves being with them as well :)
Anyhow! If you are looking for a fun decoration, check out my door! It is very simple and inexpensive to do!
I used a roll of blue paper for the background and black paper for the buildings. I used yellow construction paper to make the windows and bought the letters and borders at a teacher store.

I am going to be honest, I was going to stop there. But it looked so empty and sad!!! :( So I used a picture of my face to use as an example. I got some masks and some lighting clip art, print those on color cardstock, and whaalaaa!!

Before I go, I would also like to share with you a Snack that you can give to your students on the first day of school or Meet the Teacher Night. It is so simple and inexpensive! The yellow cereal is "Kix." I have never heard of this cereal before, but I saw it on a "healthy school list snack" and I tried it; it tastes pretty good! If you do not want to use that one, you can also use Corn Pops. I also used this with a colorful cereal, which is the Cap'n Crushs Oops all berries, but you can also use Trix or Froot Loops Loopers.

Click on FREEBIE, to grab yours now! :)

Alright friends, that's what I have for classroom decor! Hope you find something good for your classroom and you get to use it as well! :)
Thank you for stopping by today and have an awesome upcoming weeks before you get back to work in your students!

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Gator Binders... A more sophisticated way to do take home folders....

Hi everyone and welcome back to my blog!!!
I am trying my best to at least get back to posting once a week, especially during these hectic days that all teachers are planning, cleaning, organizing, etc...

I am back with an idea that has been put in practice for a long time already, but I never thought about blogging about it because I figured most teachers have it down and this might not be something new to anyone. HOWEVER, I was going to Walmart and I saw all those BTS materials (and yes, that was on July 11, "What the heck Walmart?"). So I started thinking of things I could write about (since I'm trying to write once a week like I mentioned above) and what new blog post that could be helpful to others... and then, the light bulb turned on!

So I purchased a three ring binder, three hole punched pocket folders, some labels, and some clear sheet protectors.

I just want to clarify that this was not my original idea. When I was student teaching, my mentor teacher (who is amazing, by the way) showed me this binder that the students had as a take home folder. She also got this idea from a previous teacher that she taught with... Anyways, I loved it so much that I implemented the same system when I started teaching. I have changed the name of the binder and maybe taken a thing or two out since it wasn't working for us. These binders had hole punched folders inside with labels to organize papers and a zipper pocket to keep their pencil and eraser when taking it home.

The binder was always a present from me to my students. There were so many of them that coulnd't afford school supplies, so the binder was something I purchased for them. Yes, it was a little expensive if you had about 25 students (which was always the case). However, it was so great to keep the papers organized, that it really didn't matter to me. Now, if a part of the binder broke or got lost, then I did NOT replace it. With this gift, I always pointed out to my students about being careful and responsible with their supplies, and this was definetely not an exception. If they did break something from there or lost something, they were responsible to replae it (I always had at least one student each year who did, but I was always happy that parents never took too long to keep this binder with all materials needed). I only added the labels for the folders or the label in front with their name on it.

Alright, we were the Gators at my school. So I named the binder as "Gator Binder". Let me tell you that these binders did NOT make it to their hands until the second week of school (or even the third). You might wonder why ??? Well, on my first year I got too excited too soon and gave these on the first week. Then I had not one, but TWO students changing schools by the end of the first week of school. So I, of course, was not going to ask for the binders back! So lesson learned, do not give them out too soon!!!
Anyhow, these are the following things the binders have inside:
  • I purchased a three ring binder. You can find them at any office supply store. I try to buy the ones that have a flexible material because they cost less and believe it or not, they are more difficult to get damaged. The first year I bought them at an office supply store, but then I found them at walmart. I realized I had to buy them from Walmart AS SOON AS THEY PUT THE BTS SUPPLIES. Why?? Because these babies get sold out like hot bread!!! One year I waited for a little longer and I had to buy two different colors for my students because there were NOT enough! Most of them were gone, gone, gone!!! That year I almost had a heart attack (not really, but almost), because if you know me, then you know that I am NOT ok with having things that missmatch! Anyhow, the binders are like $0.50 so it's not bad at all :) Since we were the Gators at my school, I had a label with a clip art of a gator and their name on it. The labels are 2x4 and I tape it with clear duck tape on the front cover of the binder to it doesn't peel off.

  • We had daily spelling homework. So I had a clear sheet protector for each folder so students could keep their Spelling Sheet in there. We were a bilingual classroom, so when we started inctroducing English sight words, we had two lists. Here is how the lists looked like in the sheet protector front and back :)
  • The binder contained three hole punched folders inside. There are two ways you could get these folders. Either you buy the folders without brads (which are the cheapest to buy) and you hole punch them OR you could always buy those already punched (which are a little bit more expensive than the others I mentioned). I also used white labels and they are 2 x 4 as well.
    Inside the folders we had:
    • 1 folder for Calendar: This folder had our behavior calendar.
    • 1 folder for Stay Home and Bring Back to School: The stay Home side was any paper that needed to stay home, like flyers and graded papers. The Bring Back to School side was any paper that needed to be signed and be returned to school, like field trip permission slips or report cards.
    • 1 folder for Homework: We kept our math homework or any unfinished work in this folder.
  • The folder also had a pencil bag inside. The pocket was useful so students were encouraged to keep a pencil and eraser there AT ALL TIMES so they couldn't say "I didn't do my homework because I lost or didn't have a pencil". However, after two years of buying them, I decided not to use those anymore because they were very expensive (when you had to buy 25 of them) and I spent most of the time reminding students to keep a pencil in there (because I saw them constantly empty). To me, that was not worth the amount of energy and money I had to spend on those bags. So when I stopped buying them, it was like nothing happened. I did not see a big deal of not having one :) 
Well friends, that is it for me! I honestly would like to say that I have freebies for you, but I honestly do not have any because these binders were based on my school mascot and the labels were created based on the size I purchased them. However, I hope this post has given you an idea of maybe creating your own binder based on your school mascot and based on what you would like for your students to have in their binder.

I decided to create a general binder for FREE in both English and Spanish!!!, I was so happy on how people commented on my facebook and how they liked my post. So thank you very much to all of you! :)
Before I continue, if you don't think this binder is a good fit for you. Don't worry! Please see how I created the labels!! Maybe you can use these in a way you choose to do your take home folders! Maybe you can use some of them :)

Here is a peek of what I have created:

The freebie is in a Zip folder my friends! You may wonder why... Well, after I finished the whole document of the labels by just inserting cells, I tried it and everything was missplaced! :( I hated it so much and I tried everysingle thing to make it work, but I couldn't. So when I tried only one page with the original document of the labels, everything worked just fine! So I know you will have to open the labels individually, but hey! They will all work and be aligned with the 2x4 label sheet! :)

Anyhow, I have included black and white labels for Calendar, Stay Home, Bring Back to School, and Homework. Of course, all these are also in Spanish :)
I have also included color labels for the front cover of the binder. One version for boys and another for girls. THESE FRONT COVER LABELS ARE EDITABLE! Yes! You heard me right! I would hate for you to handwrite your students' names, so I made it editable and you can even use the pretty font! Or if not, I gave you access so you can change it to whatever font you have :) Read the instructions on the sheet so you know how to do that :)

If you would like to download this freebie, please click HERE. Also, if you get a chance, please leave me your feedback! I would love to hear what you think of it!! :)

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Thank you for stopping by and I hope to see more of you around my blog! :)

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Christmas in July Freebies, SALE, and Giveaway!!!

Hello everyone!!
I am so hapy to be back for at least ONE post today!! Life has been truly busy for me during these past weeks (almost two months).. the reason?? or maybe I should say the reasonS ... ? Well, look at them:
Aren't they the most cutest siblings?? Of course I am bias.. LOL
Anyhow, I have not been able to do much except being a Mami by being with them and trying to organize a new life :) So I am sorry for all of you who have been checking on me and you have not seen much around here...

However, and this is a HUGE however...... I present to you:

So I am sooo happy to be back today for a great and fun post!! I am teaming up with my great friends from I Teach K-2 to bring you some AWESOME freebies, TPT SALE, and an AMAZING giveaway. So keep on reading, you'll love what's coming up! :)

We thought that you would LOVE to see a freebie along with our giveaway! I am posting a Winter Theme Place Value Card Game... Even if it has a winter theme, this game is really a good product to use at any time of the year. It is very simple to use and you can adjust it easily so all your students with different levels can practice with it. It comes with a place value mat from the ones place, up to hundred thousands place. All you have to do is decide if you use only one mat (from ones to hundreds place) or both mats (from ones to hundred thousands place). So basically, this is a K-2 Freebie! :)
Of course, like most of my products (if not all), this game comes in English and Spanish.. Here is a sneak peek of what the freebie contains :)

Please click HERE to take you to my TPT so you can download for free!!! :)

Then, of course we had to add more magic to our linky party! We ALL decided to run our stores for a 20% off SALE!! Say whatttt?!? YESSSSS!!! This is a great chance for you to look what we have in store for you and put those products in your cart so you get a 20% off from July 6th until July 9th!!!

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But wait! That is NOT ALL we have for you today! We are also giving away FIVE different giftcards!!! THREE $50 certificates from TPT, and $50 from Target!! How cool is that?!! PLUSSSSS our amazing friend and artist Jen Lium from Teaching in the Tongas is giving an amazing clipart giftcard certificate of $100!!!!! You can't miss this great opportunity!!!
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Don't forget my amazing friends have also some great freebies for you waiting on their post! Stop by their blog and check them out!!! :)

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