Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Classroom Management & 1st Week!!!

Hi friends!!
I hope everyone is having a great week!! I know some of you might had already started teaching your kiddos and some of you are getting really close to the first day of school! Whatever your case is, I hope you are doing JUST FINE! :)

I would like to talk about Classroom Management and a unit that you can use on the first week of school year. Also I wanted to share with you all a Free HW Pass Freebies I have in my store! :)

Classroom Management
I am sure most of you already have a system or your school lets you know what procedures are needed to take for classroom management. In my case, I have been trained and I was required to use CHAMPS. I honestly did not really know what to do with it, except using the things my school already provided for me to use. However, one day I had a teacher asking me if I could make some posters for her in the Dual Program. So I thought "Duh! of course I could use these and place them all around my classroom!"
So I created 5 CHAMPS POSTERS in both English and Spanish. Then, I had a request on my TPT to add one for writing and/or independent practice, but leaving it blank, so I added that!
So the final product comes with 7 CHAMPS posters (Centers, Group Work, Line, Class, Carpet Time, and 2 blank posters with students are their desk working). About the Blank Posters: Google docs do not have a portrait option, so be aware that the editable document is in a landscape position. Please see the instructions in the beginning of the document to edit the document. One poster contains a student at a desk (can be used for tests or independent work) and the second poster contains two students working at their desk (can be used for reading/writing time). PLEASE know that you cannot edit the fancy/big font or the clip art due to copyrights.
Click HERE if you would like to check it out :)

This same school district was very strong about implementing CHAMPS, so after a year of using it, I came up with an interactive bulletin board in my classroom. I created this for a foam board, but you can honestly just put some magnets on the back and have it up on your dry-erase board.
At the beginning of the school year (maybe the first 3/4 months), I was mainly the one who used this board. We would use this board ALL THE TIME. For every activity, including: independent practice (I would just say independent practice and clarify with my students what kind of independent practice we are working on. In that way, we are not having illustrations for every specific activity), cooperative groups, carpet time, centers, and tests. However, after those months I would start choosing students to do it and the rest of the class would participate on answering what was expected. When they realized I started asking students, they all wanted to be "the teacher." I didn't expect them to want that since they were in third grade, but they just loved it!! 

Alright, this board works like this:
I would go letter by letter "C is for conversation (I would expect the students to answer after months of doing this)" Then I would say "What voice level are we on? Level 1 (Expect students to answer). Then I would say, show me what level 1 sound like (this level is whispering so students would start whispering to me). Then I would go letter by letter until we finish the word CHAMPS.

If you would like a copy of this, please click HERE to take you to my store. The only items that this product doesn't contained is the border that I used to decorate the foam board and the foam board. On the product, I included more pictures of how the board looks like and the illustrations come with labels so you know what they are used for. I also included a video on how to use the board, if  you are more of a visual person like I am :)

For the First week of School 
I have created with 56 pages of fun and great activities! This unit comes with different activities that can be done in groups or whole class; some other activities can be done in partners or centers. These are all simple and fun; just perfect for the first week of school!
The best part?! Like all of my products, it comes in English and Spanish!!!

I would like to show you what's in it and hopefully you like it as much as I do so you head over my store :)

1. I created this made-up story about a kid named Jack, who just moved to a new town called Mustacheville. This kid has a mustache and feels left out by the other kids because he's different (he has a purple mustache). However, the story changes when he meets someone else, someone who is also different than the other kids!
This story comes with a foldable to write the B, M, and E of the story. It also comes with a foldable to compare and contrast the main two characters in the story.

2. Then, I added some ice breaker cards! I usually play some music and when it stops, students grab the first person near them to partner up. I included specific instructions on how to do this activity. They use their ice breaker card and then report it on an activity sheet. 

 3. What more fun than Bingo? An ice breaker Bingo! You can have students in small groups or as a whole class!

4. I also included a writing activity! Students would interview a partner with a Question sheet (it includes 20 different questions) and they can include their own question too! Then they would make this fun poster/Foldable! Don't forget to take a picture with a mustache for your activity! 

And this is what's in the inside. They will compare an contrast themselves with their new friend! 

5. Time for some I have, who has... Game!! Simple addition facts for your class!

6. Last, but not least. I included some addition word problems. This might be a little challenging for the first week. However, I included both low and high level word problems! So you get to choose which level fits best for your class on the first week of school! It comes with an answer sheet and a sheet for them to show their strategy. Every level comes with 10 cards. I figured this is too much for the first week of school, so on the instructions, I said for them to pick three cards and work in partners! But remember you can always change the rules if you think your class is ready for some more :)

If you would like to see this product, click on English or Spanish :)

Need/want more of the mustaches?? I have a freebie and another unit with this fun theme! Click FreebieMustache Unit English, or Mustache Unit Spanish so you can check the products on my TPT store! :)

I hope you have found something useful for your class on this post :)
If you have some time, I'd love to hear from you! Please feel free to leave me a comment, I love hearing from my readers!

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Scholastic "Let's Find Out" in Spanish for September! GIVEAWAY

Hello everyone!!!
I am soooo excited to be back with some AWESOME NEWS! Scholastic  has asked me to test their magazine for the month of September and do a review as an educator. I really enjoy looking at these magazines because it gives me a chance to see what other resources can be helpful for my kiddos.

Magazine Set

The monthly magazine set comes with Teacher's Big Issues and student matching small issues (one per student). This monthly set is pretty amazing because it contains very good topics that would work perfectly for the beginning of the school year. The information given is great for students to read independently and very enganging.
The teacher's big Issue  is perfect to be placed on a board for a visual to engage students. If you use this in small groups, you can also place it on a easel and use it during an intro discussion before students use their own magazine. This magazine is perfect for Prek, K, and 1st grades. However, I can see a second grade teacher using them for students who might be below reading level or even during a whole group activity (for this especific issue).

I really liked the content because it contained enganging reading and interactive questions to go along with it. On the back of the magazine, it comes with an activity that students can either solve on their own or in a small group. These questions are related to the information given inside, so students are working on comprehension skills!

The monthly set also includes a small reading issue. This is perfect to use in small groups. The pictures are great and the sentences are mixed with pictures, which makes it a great fit for early literacy. 
You also get a Teacher's Guide. In there, you can find a snapshot of what you can find online for that monthly set (issue sample, videos, games, and activities) and lesson ideas for each issue included in the monthly set.

The Online Access

Besides getting the print resources, you also get online access to the magazine! In there, you can find the reading issue, and it has a feature where it reads out loud! How great is that feature for your kiddos?! In addition, there are enganging videos (related to the reading), games, and even printables!

The printables are easy to find and print! They include a variety of skills. You can find activities for sentences structure, phonological awareness (final sounds), predictions (a big halleluyah!), counting/symmetry, diagrams, and reflections.

If you would like to taste the water before subscribing, try the 30-day free trial and find out more about the subcription HERE :)

Drums pleaseee!!!! Let's Find Out in Spanish and I have come together to giveaway a classroom set for the September issue (max 35 students copies) to ONE LUCKY WINNER! If you win a set, please know you must provide your full name and address in order to receive it. It is very simple to participate! All you need to do to enter is leave me a comment below telling me how you would use the magazine in your classroom and leave me your email.
The winner will be chosen and contacted on August 25th, 2017.

Thank you everyone for stopping by on my blog and good luck to everyone! :)

Friday, August 18, 2017

How We go Home Backpack Cards :)

Hi everyone!

Today, I want to share with y'all my FREEBIE "How We Go Home Backpack Cards."

My old school did something similar to this. Each child had a color tag that identified their type of transportation. This tag was attached to their backpack with a zip tie.
Anyways, I decided to create some tags to continue using this method. I created a color and black & White version... They also come in both languages, English and Spanish :)

I figured these would be a GREAT not only for big kids, but for the little ones as well! Just a way to make sure they, their teacher, and the rest of the staff at the school know their transportation (especially on those first weeks that everyone is so busy and children don't really know their teacher or how they go home.. or their name or their grade... lol.. it's funny, but you all know it's true! Especially for those little ones that are new!!).

Here are some tips I have for you when using these tags:
1. If you get to use these, just make sure NOT to cut the zip tie length because the edge will end up being sharp.

2. Print these in cardstock and use a laminating sheet that is thick. These are usually the ones that come with a personal and small laminator machine. However, if you don't have one, you can also get the self-sealing laminating pouches that are pretty thick as well :)

3. I added another version where you can put the students' bus number INSTEAD of his/her name. For safety reasons, you really don't want to keep both name and bus number on the same tag.

4. If you choose the black and white version, do a color code. For bus riders you can use a yellow, car riders you can use blue, walkers you can do green, and after school programs you can use orange. That's just an idea, but of course you can do whatever you think is more convenient for you! :)

Click HERE to download this FREEBIE!!! :)

Well that's it for me! I hope you are doing great and that you are almost ready for this school year!! I will see y'all soon with more ideas!! :)

Monday, August 7, 2017

What to have ready for Meet the Teacher Night

Hi everyone!!! I hope y'all are doing great and that your classroom is coming along! :)

I know we are not on the week of "Meet the Teacher Night" just yet, but I am sure you are already thinking about it and even planning some stuff for that night! So I wanted to share with you some of the things I do on Meet The Teacher! :)

What I used on that nigt

I have TWO sign-in sheets for both my personal use and to turn in to my school,  a post-it, and my information card.

During Meet the Teacher Night

Before my parents arrive,  I leave the school sign-in sheet on a table by the door for my parents to sign-in. As they come to talk to me, I would write down their information such as phone number, their child's name, and most important, the transportation for the school year. This info would easily change since some of my parents would take and pick them up their kids for the first week or anything like that, but I always encourage my parents and even warned them big time about the importance of transportation in order for their children to arrive and return safely.  It helped me big time to have an extra copy with their number on it in case I needed to contact them on the first day of school. On that sheet (full of scribbles, I would also write any information or concerns parents tell me on that night).

Click HERE to take you to my Google Docs for your FREE copy :)

I also had post-its, so while I was talking to parents, I would ask my student to write their name on it and choose a place to sit. They loved the fact that they were choosing were they would sit in the classroom, so that was always a hit :) Yes, I of course would change their choice if it was necessary after school started, but at least it gave them a chance to choose where to sit for the first weeks. And believe me, there were students that were never moved from there because they worked so well that it wasn't necessary to move them.

Last, but definitely not least, I would give them my info card. I would point out the magnet on the back so they wouldn't lose it and place it on their fridge if they wanted to. They all come in English and Spanish. You can edit the text to put your information. Please know that I can't give you access to the font or clip art due to copyright...
I have several styles, so just click on the picture to check the one you like the most :)


Also, I had the following on each desk, ready for them to take as my students pick their seat. I had the following:
1. Any school papers that were given for us to give parents.

2. Handout with my information. I know several bloggers have created the booklet foldable, I know it's SOOO adorable and I just loveee the colors they used. However, I'm honest with y'all, I came up with a simpler way and a simpler foldable that I personally think it will do the work :) Now, it doesn't have as many windows as the other foldable, but this is what I used and it has worked just find for me and the information I gave to my parents.

This foldable contains the basic information I provided to my parents. Say goodbye to the million lose pages!! No more using 10 pages for 10 different things!!! All the info is in this foldable!!!
I created a document on google docs so you can edit the inside only (Please just remember that I can't give you access to the font or clip art due to copyright.) What you can edit is the inside of the document with your own information!
This foldable comes in both color and B/W version. It also comes in both English and Spanish  :)

Click HERE if you would like a copy of this foldable.

3. Along with the papers from school and my foldable I used to place a Goody Gift Bag for each student. I would like to share with you some snacks ideas that you can give to your students.


Alright friends!!! That is all for now!! :) I hope you have enjoyed reading this post and I really hope you can use any of these freebies!! I'll be posting more stuff next week! :)

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Freebies anyone?!

Welcome back everyone! I know you must be "running around like a chicken with the head cut off" on these days! So I am sorry if this post is a little lengthy, but there are a lot of good stuff here, so stay with me! :)
Let's do this!!

If you are in Pre-k and K.. maybe even 1st grade, you might want to read this part! 
I used all of these when I taught pre-K.

1. I have color posters that come in both English and Spanish for FREE! Here is a picture of some of them. I posted these on my white board so we used these as we sang our color song every morning! Click HERE to take you to my TPT store to download... PLEASE, I WOULD REALLY APPRECIATE YOU LEAVING ME SOME FEEDBACK :)

2. I also have number posters that also come in both English and Spanish for FREE! Here is a picture of some of them. We also used these as we sang along every morning.. My kids used to LOVEEE pointing at them as we count in our song. Click HERE to take you to my TPT store to download... PLEASE, I WOULD REALLY APPRECIATE YOU LEAVING ME SOME FEEDBACK :)

3. Now, I have another Freebie that was absolutely the best thing during morning routine for my kids!
Basically, I printed all the sheets in a real poster size, yes big size! I laminated them and placed magnets on the back of the figures (the sun, clouds, rainbow, etc). I placed all these on my board along with the rest of the posters we used every morning. So on one day I would choose a weather person, look through the window and talk to me about what the weather was like for the day. So then,this same student would go in front of the class say the weather and then choose the correct illustration and place it on the big poster that shows the days of the week. Sometimes we had time to do the "What should I wear today?" and sometimes we didn't, but it was there :)
They absolutely loveeeedd talking and looking at the weather! I hate myself for not taking any pictures of it! So I am so so sorry! Sadly, I don't have it anymore, either! The moment I stopped teaching I gave it away to the teacher who was going to teach Pre-K and I never asked her to take a picture for me. This is the closest preview I could create for you to have an idea of what it is, before you go to my store!

Click HERE to take you to my TPT store. I would love to see your feedback if you download this product! :)

4. Months of the Year in both English and Spanish! We used these also every morning and we sang along as we pointed the cards! Click HERE to take you to my TPT store.

Last thing for this section! I have center signs! I included the big signs that I used to hang from the ceiling or for some, I placed them by the area to indicate what center was. I also included the small signs. I used these small signs to place on my board and right next to it, I would place my two students' pictures. So every time we started center time, we would go by our list to indicate who was supposed to be in which center. Then we would also look at it every time we did a rotation. This also helped my little ones remember what center they are supposed to stay! lol.
I placed magnet in all the small signs and their pictures. That made it easy in case I needed to change partners and when we had to do a rotation (I used to move the signs when rotating).

These also come in English and Spanish. I included a slide with the list of the signs so you know what comes in it. The following signs are included: Senses, Reading, Listening, Writing, Blocks, Science, Social Studies, Kitchen, Teacher, Puzzles, Computers, ABC, Art, Math.
If you would like to download this freebie, click HERE.

This following Freebie applies to every grade!

I have always wanted to have this next to my door, so I finally finished it! There are cards that you can tape or hot glue onto a ribbon, use a cloth pin to let people know where you are.
I am letting you know this is a little bit different than the others. I made mine BIG.. I mean, BIG like TEXAS BIG Y'ALL! LOL Each circle is about 5'', so before you download it, make sure you check out the picture.. I took some close ups and then a picture to show the whole ribbon...
Click HERE if you would like to download this Freebie.

Here is my little helper back then! Now she has way more hair and she's so bigger now!!! Time does really flyyyyy :(

This might apply only to those grades that have interactive notebooks (or journals)

Last but not least, I wanted to remind you that if you follow me on Facebook, you can get access to my Freebie Folder for Fans! I have journal posters in there that can be yours for FREE!! You cannot find these at my TPT store, it is only for my Facebook Fans! :) There are five different covers all come in English and Spanish! The covers are for Science, Math, Poetry, Writing, and Reading.


It is very simple to find them. You need to make sure you follow me on Facebook in order to be able to see what's in it. Click "Like" on my Facebook Page.

Then you scroll down, and you will see on the left a folder that says "Fan Freebies".

Click on it and you'll see a page that says "Click here to get your Freebie" that has a monkey. If you don't see this page, it means you did not like the page. So make sure you do in order to activate the folder :)

When you click on it, it will take you to a folder where I have documents in it (not so many, but I am working on it). Click on the document you will like to download. and click on the arrow that says "download"

Hope all these steps help you all! I only had one person who was not able to get in, not really sure how or why. But my goal was to make this more visual for those that need more of it :)

Thank you for stopping by my blog today, I know it was a long post, but I hope you were able to download some or all of these freebies! I'll be posting some products next week to help you get started on those first crazy days or weeks of school!!! Activities and classroom management is on my mind for next post, so stay tuned! :)