Saturday, April 13, 2013

Already April!!!! NEW UNIT!!! :)

I can't believe is already April!! :) Time fliesss!! I have been working very hard on my new unit. I have to admit I never really liked the whole "mustache me" theme... but when I saw a clip art, I just fell in love with mustaches and I can't stop giggle a little every time I see this unit! So far, I think this is my most favorite unit and I definitely put my heart on it!
So I hope you enjoy this unit as much as I do :)
Click on Mustache
I will try something new this time, I will put this FREE for the first 5 DOWNLOADS... and then I will put it up for regular price. PLEASE PRETTY PLEASE, if you got a chance to download this unit for free, let me know what you think of the unit by leaving me feedback :)

I will soon be posting some free writing that I'm working on... I am sure my kiddos will loveeee this writing, so I hope yours will too! :) I will be posting that freebie pretty soon! :)

That's all for me tonight, I am working on this same unit in Spanish :) So hang

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