Sunday, December 1, 2013

Natural Resources & Recycling Activity

We have been working very hard on problem solving during two weeks now... I honestly don't have any new activity for this, but just practice, practice, practice! We have been practicing all of our strategies and looking at some key words to identify a plan for our word problems.

On the other hand, for science we have been working on Natural Resources...
We started the unit by introducing all our vocabulary words; we usually take a class period to introduce and talk about the vocabulary words. My school has an account on Brain Pop so I also play a short video. My students LOVE LOVE Brain Pop, so I try to find videos on that website. We talked about Natural Resources, helpful products, ways to preserve our natural resources (Recycle, Reuse, and Reduce).

We read a VERY basic book about Natural Resources vs. Man-Made and this seemed to help my students to really understand about Natural Resources and products.

We also created a foldable to write examples of Natural Resources and products that come from those examples.

As our experiment we recycled paper! I found the activity on a link, click HERE to see it.

We first tore all 4 different construction paper in small pieces and mix them up on a tray.

We then place the construction paper in a blender, add water, and scorn starch and blend it all together.

We then, place the mix on a tray and spread it.., then, with a sponge we took all the water we possibly could take so the paper could dry faster (it took about two days to dry)...


These pictures show how the recycle paper look after it dried completely (it actually took more than a day, I am thinking it took so long because the paper turned out to be very thick).

We couldn't use these on time for our Thanksgiving Thankful cards, but we will sure use them to make some Christmas cards! (Click on Recycle under Labels to see more).
I hope you guys had a restful Thanksgiving! I was planning on doing lots of things, but I only slept and ate! hahaha ;)
I will be posting new things by the weekend again!! Thanks for stopping by my blog :)

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