Monday, August 19, 2013

Classroom Tour Jungle Theme - Part I

Hey everyone!! :)
Well, I have to admit it has been a long and busy week!! We just got back from South Padre Island last week and I still have to finish some details in my classroom (I know, I've tried to stop being such a perfectionist.. but it's so hard!!!)
I've tried having every single detail done in my classroom so I can show you all what I've done, but I haven't been able and I definitively don't want to keep postponing this post... So you might see some more pictures of some of other things I have in my classroom very soon...

So here we go:

1. The outside:
The first thing you will see before entering my classroom is my precious door!! I got the idea from The Clutter Free Classroom... I just loved the door! However, after analyzing my budget, there was no way I was going to buy four or five rolls of paper.. so I chose to buy scrapbooking paper from Hobby Lobby.. They were 29 cents a piece, so it was cheap!! Was it a little bit of work?, sure it was! But I have to admit, my door is my favorite part of my room!! :)
I also made a "Wild Work" Bulletin board, which I will mainly use to recognize those students that have done the best job and these will be hang on this board :)
My other board is that one that I'll be covering up or changing though the year :)
2. The inside:
This is how my room looks like from the door :) If you see the ceiling, yes.. you will see rope hanging from there! :) I have added my monkey cut outs, but I haven't made my table signs yet... so that's something I will be posting by the end of this week :)
My desk and my small group table is in the back of my room. If you look carefully you can see that I got a teacher's toolbox inside my black bookshelf. However, I have not finished my tags (which I am planning to finish by the end of this week) and that's why I didn't want to take more pictures of that area. Instead I have included a picture of my two signs... My husband gave me the snow sign as a gift on my first year, and I can't see myself putting it away even when it's 100F outside ;) A very talented and crafty friend made me the pencil as a new school year gift and I just love it!! :)
I have also repaint and decorate my table bins... The bins were purchased at Dollar Tree and looked like this:
At the beginning, I didn't mind the color because it was part of my classroom colors. However, as time passed by, I just couldn't handle seeing them just plain and not matching my theme. I told you I am very "everything must match the theme" kinda person ;)
So I covered these bins with Duck Tape (I think I am starting to love this tape), painted the inside with black spray paint and color the borders/edges with black sharpie... Yes, I know I could have just painted all with spray paint, but I didn't want to use so much spray paint just to paint the borders/edges... I have to admit, I am not very good OR patient to spray paint stuff ;)
Anyways, this is how my bins ended up looking :) 

3. Areas of the inside:
As soon as you look to your right, you can see my carpet and the main white board I use in my classroom.

This is my most favorite bookshelf! When  I was student teaching, my mentor let me have this bookshelf... Now she's back teaching, but she let me have it!! So this is my baby :) It takes wall space, but it sure is worth the space :) I keep all my most common materials here :)
Notice there is only a box with a label :( I am not done labeling my boxes, but it will get done... :)

On my white board I keep my objectives and the day's date. I also keep a cardboard using CHAMPS.

Next to this board a have a small shelf where I keep this little flashcard container. Inside this container I keep all my numbers and pieces of my CHAMPS board :)

This is the view of my classroom if you were sitting at my desk :)
When you walk into my classroom, on the left side or wall you will find my calendar board. I am not really sure what I will add to this board, but most likely I will add my jobs board to this board. The calendar was originally lime green, but I just added some Duck Tape to the borders to make it more Jungle looking. I told you that Duck Tape is amazing!!!
Last but not least, the past teacher left me that shelf that I knew I was going to find a purpose for it ;) I keep all my long construction paper there and other materials for students to have access. I usually let them go to my tall material bookshelf, but I thought keeping these more accessible might be a good idea :)
I think that is it for tonight ladies!! :)
I still have a to do list to finish before and after Meet the Teacher Night! :)
I will be posting some freebies as well, so stay tuned!!
If you have any questions or comments, please comment below! :)



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