Thursday, January 22, 2015

I feel the love!!! Centers for Valentines and a Freebie!!

Hello everyone!!!
So I know we are in the middle of January and you should be still thinking about snowmen and penguins in your class! HOWEVER, Valentine's is coming and you can feel the loveeeee that comes with chocolate!! lol (you it's true!!!)
This year I will not be coming home with bags of chocolates (thanks to my students who eagerly come with big hearts full of sweets inside) and I am sure my husband will not be happy about that (he would eat most of the chocolates, stating that I take too long in eating them, lol). On the other hand, I think my body and cavities would appreciate it ;)

Anyhow, I wanted to share with ya'll very quick the good products I have for the upcoming days... I will presenting in a quick snapshot what I have in my store.

These are Math Centers for 3rd grade: it includes multiplication, measurement, word problems, comparing fractions, and a foldable to create bar graphs and pictographs. Come over my Store to have more details!!

These are Language Art centers for 2nd grade: it includes sequence for the story "Froggy's First Kiss", antonyms, and long a vs short a (English only), and suffixes vs prefixes (Spanish only). Come over my Store to have more details!!

Last, but not least, I wanted to share my new freebie. I think Mr. Heart came out really cute! Your students could write a letter to another friend in the classroom, or write about what they like about Valentine's or write about a favorite part of a valentine's story! Your choice, the options are endless!!!

Come by my store and get him for FREE!!! Click on the picture below to download it :)

Thank you all for stopping by!! I will be back with more soon!! Hope your week has been going smooth and that you are looking forward to a restful weekend!! :)

Stay tuned!!!

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