Friday, July 24, 2015

More of Superheroes Theme and Teacher Contact info Cards

Hello, my Name is Mrs. Nicolau, and I am a workaholic! Yes, I am not back to teaching yet, but I couldn't resist to decorate a door! LOL I was planning on using this to decorate the area that I will be using during tutoring, but being a first time mom did not prepare me for what Pollita could do to this door! Before finishing it, we encountered many events... Let's just say thank goodness she has some kind of compassion and did not destroy all of it before I was able to take these pictures!!
You might think I am crazy for decorating a door in my house, but this is my "me time" and I am telling you, this makes me happy! However, this doesn't mean I want to be back to teaching yet. This is not my time yet. I am where I want and need to be; I am where my heart gets full of joy and love, I am with my daughter... But as busy as I have always been, I like to do other things besides being at home with my Pollita.... If you are looking for a fun decoration, check out my door! It is very simple and inexpensive to do!
I used a roll of blue paper for the background and black paper for the buildings. I used yellow construction paper to make the windows and bought the letters and borders at a teacher store.

I am going to be honest, I was going to stop there. But it looked so empty and sad!!! :( I decided to decorate it before Pollita took over it!!! lol So I used a picture of my face to use as an example. I got some masks and some lighting clip art, print those on color cardstock, and whaalaaa!!

I also wanted to share with you the different Teacher Contact Info Cards I have created through the years. I love to use these because I have barely had parents asking me for my contact info once they have this card. I print these in color, laminate them, and put a magnet on the back so parents can keep these on their fridge. Honestly, I also talk to my students about it. I tell them this card is so important and I ask them to keep an eye on them and make sure their parents put them on their fridge. They take so much pride on having those cards that I know most of them make sure their parents keep them in a handy place.

These following I have used in a personal way. I had a Jungle Theme so I used these:

This picture is the one I used when I had my Circus Classroom Theme.

 you would like to have one, I have this pencil design on my TPT. These cards are editable in the text area and they come in two different styles. They also come in both English and Spanish. Click HERE to take you to my TPT store.

Then, I thought... why don't I use just a general card?? So I created and used these in the past. I also have this available on my TPT. These cards are editable in the text area. They come in both English and Spanish. Click HERE to take you to my TPT store.


This is the last design I have available in my store. Since I was creating a superhero classroom theme, I decided to make the teacher cards match the theme. There is a section in Both English and Spanish where you can edit the text. I also added cards for both Female and Male teachers!! :)

I added something extra to this product. I created blank cards, so you decide what type of information you want to place on it. I don't know why I took me so long to think about this. However, I hope this is more helpful in case you don't want to put the information I usually put.

 If you would like a FREE copy of this, please click HERE.

Alright friends!!! That is all for now!! :) I hope you have enjoyed reading this post and I really hope you can use any of these freebies!! I'll be posting really soon about what I usually have on my classroom's walls at the beginning of the school year (before I add all those amazing anchor charts that we use throughout the year)... Stay tuned because what's coming is a whole post with TONS of freebies as well!! Have an amazing weekend y'all!

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