Friday, February 19, 2016

Anchor Chart for Math, Temperature, and a Science Unit About the Sun

Hello everyone and welcome back!
Today I want to share with you a unit and some activities I was doing with my kiddos around this time when I taught 3rd grade. This is an anchor chart for Math and a unit for Science that you could do at any grade, so stay with me :)
I only had the chance to take a picture of the anchor chart I prepared for a rotation (we started boot camps for STAAR) that had to do with patterns on a table. At 3rd grade we look more than just addition, but my students were used to just look on the side. So I created this anchor chart to show them and remind them (for the 40th time, sounds familiar?) to always look both ways when finding a pattern on the table.

During instruction time, we got a chance to talk about temperature. We did a quick foldable which contained a thermometer and the importance of finding the scale. We only did thermometer three days because we also had to review for our unit test. 

In Science, we had different activities and important facts to learn about the Sun.
The first day I showed several videos and we did a short/simple booklet containing facts about the Sun. This is a very simple booklet that you can use at any grade level. I used them for 3rd grade, but I had a teacher in 1st grade who also used it and she was really happy with this unit :)

The second and third day we did a model of how the earth rotates around the Sun, and the Moon around the Earth. We also did an experiment to represent the Solar Flares. Very simple demo and the kids LOVED IT!

I apologize for my loud voice and my accent! ;) lol

We have been watching videos and seeing presentations about the Sun. So the last days we did a small craft about the Sun. My students created this cute craft and had to cut the different Sun's rays. There were about 12 rays that were mixed up with TRUE and FALSE facts about the Sun. They had to glue only the TRUE facts on the Sun and discard the FALSE facts. I also included blank sun's rays in case for those younger grades that are not at that level yet :)

If you would like to check out my unit, please click on my Fun in the Sun activity Mini Unit. This unit contains all activities in Spanish and English. It contains the booklet, the experiment sheet with instructions on how to do it, and the Sun craft (including blank rays in case you just want the craft itself AND the rays that contain the TRUE and FALSE facts).

Thank you for stopping by my blog today! I am busy, busy, busy working on a new unit, so I hope I get to blog next weekend, at least a couple paragraphs!
Have an awesome week and see ya next time! :)

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