Sunday, September 29, 2013

Science: Solid, liquid, and gas... PLACE VALUE

Hello everyone!!!
Yes!! I'm still alive! I am sorry I have not posted anything for the past two and half weeks! I have been SICK, SICK, SICK!!!! For the past weeks, I have NOT been myself at all! I barely made it to work every morning, and coming back home to take all night off. I am not like that at all... I usually workout as soon as I get home and then take about one or two hours to do some work... Well, that has not happening... I am not sure what it was, but I know that I feel better now. At least, better to start working from home and do extra things after school.
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Anyways, here is a little summary of what we have been working on for this past unit in Science:

We started to have a weekly lab day in my school, so we have been able to do lots of different experiments... We have done Oobleck (I obtained the recipe from a mailbox book, but you can always look on Pinterest) and Soda bombs! :)
Click HERE for a FREE copy of this recording sheet :) (first page of document)

I found the perfect way to do easy soda bombs!!! We talked about soda being a liquid and combining it with Mentos (which are solid) will create a chemical reaction by producing gas, making this gas exploding from the bottle. My students had so much fun doing this as an experiment. I got the idea  from the following blog: PANCAKES AND FRENCH FRIES

We have also created a tri-foldable to show the different states of matter and how the particles/molecules of each state looks like. Click on MY PINTEREST to see where I got the idea from :)

Moreover, we did some sorting activity on our Science journals to classify matter in solid, liquid, and gas. Click HERE to take your to the FREE copy :) (second page of document)

Last, but not least... I finally finished my unit on Place Value. This was supposed to be done earlier, but as you understand, I have not been as healthy as I wanted to be in order to finish this on time. Nevertheless, I hope you find this unit useful for your class. I will be working on a multiplication unit for the next few weeks and some Math centers! So stay tuned :)
To see my unit on my TPT, click HERE
Here is a little peek of my new unit:

That's it for me today... I hope you have an amazing week.. I will be reporting myself on Friday with new pictures and activities :)

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