Saturday, October 26, 2013

Tally marks, pictographs, and more graphs!!! :)

I am still alive, I promise!!!!
I am still recuperating from being sick, but this last week has been crazyyyyyy!!! We have been taking our Benchmark tests, WHICH they were a mirror to the STAAR.... ahhhh!!! Anywayssssss.. those were my excuses for not posting for the past two weekends!!
On another note, I would like to start sharing with y'all some of the hard work my students have been doing in class... Three weeks ago we started talking about bar graphs and creating them, here is my blog post
These pictures are from two weeks ago (a week after my last post), when we were reviewing bar graphs and starting to compare them with pictographs....

My fantastic team partner gave me this idea... After talking and comparing the two types of bars, students did their own poll... They created their topic, their options so others can vote... Then, they went around the room to ask their classmates and record their answers by creating a tally mark chart... After they finished with the Tally Mark Chart, they proceeded to create their pictograph (including a key), and their bar graph....

This week was so much fun and the students did have a great time creating their own graphs. There were very engaged and had a great time working on their own bar graphs...
Thank you for stopping by my blog, I will be writing another post for the following week and thing we did!!! :)

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