Saturday, October 5, 2013

Our busy week and Facebook First Friday Freebie!! :)

Hello everyone! :)
Well this past week, has definitely been a better than the previous weeks... Except that I got severe allergies (thank you Texas), but I have been able to feel better with medicine and rest. My kitchen floor has also been updated with tiles, so you can imagine the amount of cleaning I had to do after (sign).... Nevertheless, it has been productive and fun in class! So here we go:

1. We have been talking about money and reviewing the value of coins by making a foldable. This is a picture of my journal; however, instead of stickers, you can always use the front and back coin stamps that you can find at teachers stores :)

We also wrote word problems in our journals that included money concepts, so we wrote a list of words that refers to money

On the same week, we started talking about bar graphs and their scale. I brought three different types of candy for students to eat and to vote for their favorite to create a bar graph with sticky notes. This was our result:
I was surprised three students liked the Jelly Beans the best, I personally dislike Jelly Beans... like a lot! I only bought them to get to know their taste, and apparently most of them have the same as me ;) They absolutely loveeeeeedd the skittles! I would have bought snickers (because they are my favorite candy of all!), but I couldn't bring them since it has peanuts inside :(
Anyways, after finishing our bar graph and talking about strategies on how to represent information on bar graphs, I asked students to get in partners and create their own bar graph using their Chex Mix bag. I simply placed some Chex Mix in a zip lock and pass it over to each partner so they could create a bar graph to represent how many of each type they had in their bag. These are some examples of their hard work, I was so pleased to see their work and see them so engaged on this activity :)

We will start reviewing and creating pictographs next week, so stay tuned!

Lastly, I wanted to share with y'all my new Facebook Friday Freebie! I cannot believe we are already in October! So for this moth, I decided making a match game for community helpers. I have a friend who teaches younger students and she gave me the idea :) I created this activity in both English and Spanish, and for those that teach DUAL LANGUAGE Classrooms! This can be useful if you print both English and Spanish word versions and they have to match the community helpers in English with the community helpers in Spanish :)
Click on this LINK to see instructions on how to follow my Facebook and have access to my Facebook Freebies! :)

Have an awesome weekend friends!! I will be grading and writing lesson plans!! :) Wooohoooo ;)

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