Saturday, January 18, 2014

Short and Sweet Post - Soil Sheet and Measurement news

Hello ladies!
This is going to be a very short and sweet post... I have not posted any picture of myself before because I try for this blog to be related to my teaching and educational resources only. However, I wanted to share with everyone our happiness and blessing... My husband and I were trying for a while to get pregnant, but things were getting a little bit more complicating... However, God has blessed us with a beautiful baby girl that keeps surprising us every day:)
I am 24 weeks and I wanted to share a couple of self pictures... Despite of the sickness and craziness that this pregnancy has brought me, we are so thrilled and I excited to meet our daughter in May... I would do it all over again... well... maybe not the first trimester ;)

Nowwww.. going back to a school topic!
We have been talking about measurements this week in school. We looked into the customary and metric system. As an activity, I selected different items in the classroom that my students had to measure in both inches and centimeters. They all record their measurement on a two-window foldable that were glued onto their Math journal. Here are some pictures of my kiddos in action! :)

In Science we talked about soil and weathering. We looked into what soil contains and how this is also formed by different layers. Here is our hands-on activity; students are sorting all the different matter found in the soil (humus, rocks, and material left behind by living things).

Students draw their observations on these sheets. If you would like a copy, they all come in Spanish and English version :) Just click on the picture or HERE to take you to my sharing docs.
Well my friends, like I had said.. this post was going to be short and sweet! Enjoy your three-day weekend!! :) I will see you next week with more news and new ideas!!

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