Sunday, January 12, 2014

Take it easy.. grab a Freebie!! :) Place Value and Penguins Craft

Hi everyone!!! Soooooo... How was your first week of school?!
Well, mine wassss... Oh boy! what a mix of behaviors and new challenges!!! The first two days were like my students ate a bunch of knowledge over the break and I couldn't have enough of it!!! You know one of those days that you want more and more of it... Then, everything went who knows where! They were tired and when that was not an issue, they were being "too social"... It definitely didn't feel like a short week...
However, we got a chance to review some place value skills, finish up our TEK of earth's changes (we started before the Christmas break talking about volcanoes), and do some area skills.

We didn't get to do much with Earthquakes and Landslides, but just writing facts and doing a demo of an earthquake. However, I did incorporate the skill of Cause & Effect since I heard from my co-teacher that our students need more of this concept :)
So here's a picture of an anchor chart I did in order to incorporate it:

Because I feel that I have not been doing so well on creating new products, I decided to post my latest games and activities as Freebies. Who doesn't like to get stuff for free?! I know I DO!! :)

So here is my first creation, perfect for a winter theme! It is a Penguin Craft that can go perfect with any writing, list of facts, or anything that you would like to!

Click HERE to take you to my TPT product...

Also, this is the activity that I did with my students on the first week we were back from Christmas break. We did a place value review up to Hundred Thousands place; However, I created this product so younger grades can also use it. For more information on how to use this activity, download my product on my TPT store.
Click HERE to take you to my Place Value product...

Well it's time to finish that load of laundry my friends! I hope your weekend has been restful and peaceful! Always wishing you a good school week!! :)
Thank for stopping by my blog, stay tuned!

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