Sunday, February 16, 2014

Math Geometry, planets, and a Freebie for a preview of what's coming! :)

Hello everyone!
I am sorry I was not able to post sooner, but here I am!
I have seen several blogs where teachers have been had more snow days! I am so jealous! ;) We have dropped to low temperatures, but no snow or freezing rain.. so school must go on! :)

I am about to show you a bunch of pictures of different anchor charts and Foldables I have made in my classroom to help my kiddos remember those geometric vocabulary words! whewwwww!!! I'm telling y'all there are so many that I really wanted kids to be able to see these not only in their journal, so I'm planning on laminating these and post them on the wall for the rest of the school year :)

We also did about three foldables to identify: lines and angles (sorry I don't have pictures), quadrilaterals, and 3-D shapes.


This week, I would like to present my newest Freebie!
I am currently working on a Unit that I unfortunately never got to finish last year in second grade... So I am determine to finish it this year :) Even when I don't teach second grade! ;)

In third grade we don't really celebrate Dr. Seuss birthday, so I will celebrate it in spirit by offering this freebie of rhyming words. I created this Freebie in both English and Spanish, so I hope you like what you see and you see what you like! ;)
Here is a preview of the ENGLISH Freebie, click HERE or click on the picture to take you to the TPT product :)

Here is a preview of the SPANISH Freebie, click HERE or click on the picture to take you to the TPT product :)

That is it for today, I am hoping I'll have my new unit ready by the end of next week; crossing fingers ;)
Have a good weekend and a great week! Thank you again for stopping by my blog, I hope you found this post helpful!

Classroom Freebies Manic Monday


  1. Oh my goodness!!! What a cute set. I love how you provided two version, in two separate languages. That's is awesome!!!! Thank you so much for linking this up with Just for the Teacher Tuesday!!!! :D


  2. Thank you Jacque! I'll definitely see you next Tuesday! :)