Friday, February 7, 2014

Our Week in a Nutshell and a quick Science Giveaway!

Hello everyone!
I am trying to post every Friday, but last weekend just seemed to be impossible! so here I am today, trying to post really quick to tell you about my last week on Januwary and what we have done with my kiddos. I will try to post on Sunday or later on today for this last week. I am posting this early because school had an early release at the last minute because of this cold weather we are having....

On the last week of January, there has not been much going on due to the weekly boot camps that we are doing for grades 3-5. We are preparing for Benchmark days!!! We do rotations once a week in each grade, so we have been working really hard on getting these kids ready for testing. I am telling you, these rotations are exhausting! Especially when you have a baby in you! LOL I honestly, I have been blessed that my "Pollita" (little chick), as we call her, has been awesome during the day. I think she loves the fact that I move so much throughout the day (because I'm technically rocking her), that she saves the kicking and moving until I sit down during conference time, driving time, and eating time! ;)

Anyways, I was on charge of reviewing patterns in a table or in/out tables. We did a short matching game, which students received a table and a rule. They had to find the correct pattern who had either the table or rule that matched whatever card they had. I only had the chance to take a picture of the anchor chart I prepared for this rotation:

During instruction time, we got a chance to talk about temperature. We did a quick foldable which contained a thermometer and the importance of finding the scale. We only did thermometer three days because we also had to review for our unit test. 

In Science, we had different activities and important facts to learn about the Sun.

The first day I showed several videos and we did a short/simple booklet containing facts about the Sun.

The second day and third day we did a model of how the earth rotates around the Sun, and the Moon around the Earth. We also did an experiment to represent the Solar Flares. Very simple demo and the kids LOVED IT!
I apologize for my loud voice and my accent! ;) lol

We have been watching videos and seeing presentations about the Sun. So the last days we did a small craft about the Sun. My students created this cute craft and had to cut the different Sun's rays. There were about 12 rays that were mixed up with TRUE and FALSE facts about the Sun. They had to glue only the TRUE facts on the Sun and discard the FALSE facts.

I would like to make a quick giveaway with my Fun in the Sun activity Mini Unit. This unit contains all activities in Spanish and English. It contains the booklet, the experiment sheet with instructions on how to do it, and the Sun craft (I am including blank rays in case you just want the craft itself AND the rays that contain the TRUE and FALSE facts). The first three people that comment on this post will get this pack for FREE! Ready, Set, Go!! :)

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  1. Susana,
    I have to say, you have such a beautiful accent!!! :D I love the experiment that you did with your kiddos. I'll bet that they enjoyed seeing those colors spread out like that.

    Thanks for sharing with me, and for linking up with me. :) Hope all is well.

    Your friend,