Monday, May 5, 2014


Hi friends!
I was expecting to post something over the weekend, but I'm gonna be honest with ya'll... I have been EXHAUSTED!!! "Pollita" should be here any day now and I have been feeling there still so much to do and so many naps I need to take!! lol

So before I keep forgetting to post, don't forget that TPT is having a big 2-day sale from May 6 to May 7...
I will be having a sale on those days as well, all of my store will have a 20% off!! Click on the image to take you to my store! :)

Sorry for such a small post ladies, but I have to finish up things... My mami is coming today to be with me and my husband on the day "Pollita" is born, so I have to run and do some stuff before I pick her up from the airport :)
You guys have an awesome rest of the week, I'll see you next time!

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