Tuesday, April 14, 2015

TPT Followers Freebie #1 AND New Product!!

Hello everyone!!
I am so excited to be back with great news!!! I have finished my unit Rain, Rain, Go Away! in both languages (English & Spanish)!! This is the perfect time since we will probably get several rainy days and testing days. Let's admit it, we all get tired of having inside recess with a movie or "Free time" inside our classroom, PLUS during testing time, there is no recess at all! So poor babies need some kind of activities that does not required for them to be sitting watching to a screen (maybe they don't mind at all).

Before I continue, I wanted to let all my TPT followers that today is THE DAY!! I have been giving you hints on my last posts about a surprise for y'all and the day has finally arrived!
I sent you all an email on TPT (which TPT reviews and approves within 48 hours) with the links for my newest product in both languages! I checked the number of followers before clicking "send" and the last follower was 554... Soooo if you don't have it right now in your inbox, you will have it soon!
I am very thankful and I wanted to express it by sending you that exclusive freebie!
You will see on my TPT a new Freebie product that say TPT Followers Freebie #1, please leave me any questions or comments or if you would like to give me your feedback about what you received please feel free!!! :)
If you did not get to follow me on time to receive this exclusive Freebie, do not worry! I am planning on continue with these surprises, just make sure you click on "Follow Me"!! :)

I have created a FREE Sample, so even if you got the email on TPT, you might want to download this Freebie from my Store :) Click on the picture below to take you to my product.

Now, here is what my new products contain (what my followers up to 554 received in their TPT inbox).

1. The unit starts with some colorful puzzles. I gave a sheet with instructions on how to storage them and how to color code them to avoid students mixing them up (we all know that always happens in centers!)

2. Guess What game board has clues of items that students need to guess, this only has the answer key and does not have a word bank. I thought it would be "too easy" since this is similar to the Criss-Cross activity. 

3. Word Search and Criss-Cross puzzles with word banks :)

4. Domino game

5. Rain, Rain, Go Away Bingo version:

6. Last, but not least; I created a Writing activity for those students that just would write at any time and would love to do a "Rainy Day" Craft!

Before I go, I want to remind you that both of these products are new so they will be on sale for the next two days (until April 16th, 2015). The regular price is $3.00, but they will be on SALE with a 40% OFF at $1.80 :)

Thank you for stopping by my blog, and to all my followers once again for staying with me and motivate me to create more! :)

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