Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Christmas Time with FREEBIES!!! A Linky party come join us!!

Heeeelllloooooooo!!! Anyone there?!?!?! Yessss, I AM HERE!!!!
My friends I am so so sorry you have not seen me lately! I have been very sick and I have not been able to create or do anything besides trying to get better and taking care of my "Pollita."
I have been feeling awful, but a good thing is coming out of this "sickness." We are expecting for the second time! We are thrilled and blessed God has given us the chance to be parents of a second baby! Unfortunately, like my first pregnancy, the nausea and sickness have been the worse and this time, it has been a little bit harder having a toddler at home :(
However, I am here trying to, at least, make a decent post (which is taking me more than one night to finish, by the way)... I would like to share with you some ideas of things I have done in the past and some class gift ideas for your kiddos.

If you are looking for a fun and educative way to decorate your bulletin board for the Holidays, you might want to keep on reading! :) I did this with my kiddos, but I never had the chance to take pictures or make the template. You know during those weeks after Thanksgiving and Christmas you realized they are all gone in a blink of an eye!

You can use this craft for any subject.
Here is a picture of the pretty and blank gift box craft. I just bought the bows from Walmart, because I was not gonna make them myself! For three simple reasons: 1. Who got the time for that? 2. I don't have time for that! and 3. Mostly important, I don't know how to make them. LOL

I used this for Math. Each student would make their own box, but they would work in partners to write the word problem, solve it, illustrate a model that corresponds to the problem, and write their answer in a complete sentence.

Then I thought, how can we turn this craft into some kind of Language Arts??? So, I came up with a writing activity. Students can write about their best gift. You can encourage them to write not only about a toy, but maybe a moment during Christmas they enjoyed the most! After all, Christmas is not only about getting a toy or a gift, it's about the quality times you get to spend with family and/or friends!

The Writing sheets come in BOTH English and SPANISH. So if you would like to download this craft, please click HERE.

A few weeks before our Christmas party we had worked on recycling with my students and we made some recycling construction paper. I intended to use the recycling paper to make Thanksgiving cards, but that never really happened. So we finally got a chance to use the paper! We made small Christmas cards with it and they turned out super cute! :)

If you would like to see my post on recycling paper, click on the following link:  Natural Resources & Recycling Activity

Christmas Party Class Gift
The last Christmas Party I had in my class, we watched "The Polar Express" and I gave a couple gifts to my students.
They automatically recognized the box by saying "just like in the movie!" They all loved the little box and I think it turned out super cute! :)

I purchased the mini boxes from Oriental Trading. I am not really sure if they still have it available, but here is the link to the product in case you would like to check it out! Click HERE

I purchased the mini bows from Wal-Mart.

I made the tickets myself and to make the tickets look more sparkly I bought a spray bottle from Michaels. Here is a picture of the bottle and it is called "Color Shine" and it's basically a spray that gives a sparkly look to the paper... I used the English version since my bilingual students were transitioned into English in 3rd grade, but they I created this in both English and Spanish :) If you would like to download the tickets for FREE, click HERE to take you to my TPT product.

I also made these mini bags that contained hot chocolate bags and mini marshmallows. 
You can download for FREE both tickets and tags on my TPT store, they both come in English and Spanish! :) Click HERE to take you to my TPT product.

Thank you for stopping by my blog today! I hope these ideas have been helpful to you and you can get to do some for your class!


Don't forget we have a fun and HUGE linky party going on! So click on the picture below to take you to other posts where some fantastic bloggers are sharing ideas and activities for this month! :)

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