Sunday, March 6, 2016

Geometry Foldables & Symmetry activity ideas PLUS A NEW UNIT WITH A FREE SAMPLE YOU WOULDN'T LIKE TO MISS!

Hello everyone and welcome back!
I am sure at this point everyone is counting down the days for our Spring Break and looking forward to a nice, resting, and short week! We all know that as soon as you blink, that week is over! Nevertheless, it is nice to have it off, we all need it! :)

Today, I am about to show you a bunch of pictures of different anchor charts and foldables I had made in my classroom to help my kiddos remember those geometric vocabulary words! whewwwww!!! I'm telling y'all there are so many that I really wanted kids to be able to see these not only in their journal, so I'm planning on laminating these and post them on the wall for the rest of the school year :)

We also did about three foldables to identify: lines and angles (sorry I don't have pictures), quadrilaterals, and 3-D shapes.

A week after those 2D and 3D shape vocabulary, we were talking about Congruent figures.
The following foldable is what we did when looking into congruent figures.


Then, we started talking about symmetry and that's when all the fun started! I showed my students a quick video online about lines of symmetry first. After the video, we wrote a really quick the concept of symmetry and did two simple illustrations to represent it.

After that quick journal post, we did a hands on activity. We used white cardstock, we folded it in half and write our name on the crease side. Then we trace a line around the letters to give it a shape and cut it around making sure we followed the line we had traced.
When we opened the cardstock we had to think about what figure we can create, making sure it represents a vertical line of symmetry.

I was so happy with my students' work, they all came up with GREAT ideas! Here are some pictures I was able to take :)




Last, but definitely not least! I wanted to show you my new unit!! The title is "Welcome to Texas and the Wild West Y'all!" for a very specific reason!
I live in Texas, so one of our Social Studies TEKS are to teach about the symbols and our State. So I wanted to have a small Social Studies unit. However, I also know that not all grade levels go in depth for some of these activities and that the Rodeo is a BIG DEAL here in Texas. Soooo I decided to combine Social Studies, ELA/SLAR, and Math in a whole unit! :) That means, if you are not from Texas, but you would love to have a fun and interactive theme unit about the Wild West, this unit is also for you!!! As usual, the unit comes in English and Spanish.
Here is a preview of what the English and Spanish versions look like! Just remember that both version are exactly the same! The only difference is the language used :)

Click on ENGL or SPAN to read more details on the product

To give you a little peek of the unit, I created a FREE SAMPLE. On this Sample I included BOTH the English and Spanish versions :) On this sample, I included a mini booklet to use after a Rodeo field trip and a colored puzzle for the Texas Pledge. Both Social Studies and Wild West theme included!
Here is a preview of what this freebie looks like!

Click HERE to download your FREE SAMPLE

Well my friends, that's all I got for you! I hope my post has been useful to you and that you can try any or all of these activities with your class!

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