Monday, March 28, 2016

Have you read Beekle yet??? I'm in love with this Caldecott book! :)

Once again, I am really excited to share this post with you!
Since most of you know, I'm staying home with my almost 2 year old baby girl (I can't believe I'm saying that!! 2 my friends!! 2!!!!!) I have been more in and out with "pollita" since she's older now and her schedule is more active :) I did some volunteering at the school I used to work when I was teaching. I got a chance to volunteer during the best time of the school year, book fair! :)
I got to see so many new books that I couldn't resist to buy them! I even had to go through them three times because I was basically taking wayyy too many! (sounds familiar to any of you?) Anyhow, while I was pulling them out to build this huge tower of books, there was this book that caught my attention! This caldecott awarded book (they always get my attention!), named "Beekle." The front cover "was starring at me" and whispering to me "take me!". So I asked my friend, who is the librarian about it and she couldn't say anything bad about the story! I automatically started to read it and I could NOT just leave it there by itself! So I brought it home with me :) The ideas of what things I could do with this new friend and imagining how I could use it in my classroom wouldn't stop running through my head!

It's the story of an "unimaginary friend" who does not have any friends in his own worlds, so he goes to our world to look for one! He is sooooo cute I could just squeeze him!!! :)
I started a Craft Reading Responses Booklet. The more I looked at it, the more pages I had to include! I am really happy with it, I hope you also find it cute AND useful!
Here is what it's included in the booklet:
Favorite part of the story (Free Sample)
B, M, E foldable (Free Sample)
B, M, E graphic organizer
Invent an activity
2 things you and your best friend
Making connections
If you met Beekle
What would you have done?
Beekle Character traits
Your imaginary friend character trait
Beekle Booklet Craft

Click on ENGLISH or SPANISH to take you to my TPT

And of course, I needed to do a Free Sample of it!! This sample DOES NOT INCLUDE THE CRAFT... You will get a taste of what's inside the Reading Responses Booklet. The first two pages of this set is for you to enjoy and try it...

The free sample comes in both English and Spanish in one whole document. So if you would like to download it, please click HERE

I hope you find all this useful for your class, even when it's almost the end of the school year.. or maybe start thinking about the beginning of next year!
Thank you all so much for stopping by my blog today! I'll see you next time! :)

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