Friday, April 1, 2016

Linky Party - Have you heard of Beekle? I just felt in love with this book!

Hello everyone and welcome to our monthly linky party!!
Today I am really excited to share this freebie with you! :) Like most of you know, I am currently staying home with my daughter and expecting baby #2 in May (EEKKKK!!!!). However, since "Pollita" has been older and more active now, I try taking her to different places to socialize. That also means I get to socialize! I had a few great opportunities at the school I used to teach to do some volunteering at the library! I have done some read aloud sessions and the last time I was there I volunteered during the best time of the year, book fair!

During my volunteering hours, I got to see so many new books that I couldn't resist to buy them! I even had to go through them three times because I was basically taking wayyy too many! (sounds familiar to any of you?) Anyhow, while I was pulling them out to build this huge tower of books, there was this book that caught my attention! This caldecott awarded book (they always get my attention!), named "Beekle." The front cover "was starring at me" and whispering to me "take me!". So I asked my friend, who is the librarian about it and she couldn't say anything bad about the story! I automatically started to read it and I could NOT just leave it there by itself! So I brought it home with me :) The ideas of what things I could do with this new friend and imagining how I could use it in my classroom wouldn't stop running through my head!

So I started a Craft Reading Responses Booklet. And of course, I needed to do a Free Sample of it!! This sample DOES NOT INCLUDE THE CRAFT... You will get a taste of what's inside the Reading Responses Booklet. The first two pages of this set is for you to enjoy and try it... The free sample comes in both English and Spanish in one whole document. So if you would like to download it, please click HERE

If you would like to know and read more about what comes in the complete set, click HERE.

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  1. Thanks for sharing, Bianca! I've never read Beekle, but it sounds like it is a great story for your Craft Reading Responses Booklet! I'm sure the kids will love it!