Sunday, August 25, 2013

Classroom Tour Jungle Theme Part 2, Meet the Teacher Night Goodies (FREEBIE)

Hello!!! :)
Are you guys dragging out of bed or drinking a lot of coffee like I am?! OMG! I forgot how exhausting is to prepare for a new school year :( I have been dreaming the past nights about school and I have been keeping a list of "to do" by my night stand :( I still have lot of things to do, but I know everything will get done :)
I promised I was going to post more pictures about my classroom, so here we go! :)

The next pictures are about my name tables. I have created a Jungle Theme on my TPT with different name tables like elephants, monkeys, zebras, etc. However, I decided not to use those since I am getting my kids from last year and I had those name tables before :) So I decided to go with monkeys :)

Here are a closer imagine of my signs. I used scrapbooking paper and I got the letters from my new Cricut machine! :) I think I am in love with that machine...

I am also finished with my teacher's toolbox! I did not want to post anything unless I had pictures :) So here are some pictures from my desk and area...
I didn't spray paint my toolbox, I went to Home Depot to purchase it, and they already had it in gray and I just like it that way:) It did not take me that long to finish my toolbox, I made a plain label PDF document and once I typed all my stuff, I was able to put it together in about 30 minutes.
If you would like a copy of my Teacher's toolbox, I have the EDITABLE document for FREE on my TPT store; click HERE.

I was able to finish all this before Meet the Teacher Night! :) I got to see most of my kids from last year, and they look so tall now! They don't look like second graders anymore (duh! maybe because they are NOT, they are third graders!). On that night I was able to give my contact info cards :) I place magnetic tape strips on the back so parents can keep it on their fridge.
I created one that match my theme:
I had created a DIFFERENT and FREE contact info card on my TPT, if you would like to grab it, go to my post HERE.
I was not able to give the Animal Cracker snacks on that night, but these are ready for my kids to have on the first day of school.
I have created the labels myself, I created labels for grades K-5... If you would like to have the FREE copy, click HERE 

Well ladies, it is time to say goodnight! :) I hope you find my FREEBIES helpful and fun for your class!! I will be blogging on Friday or Saturday about letters that I am planning to send to parents and Math/Science Journals :)
I know I keep saying I will add my Freebie Fan Folder on Facebook, but I just have not had the time to do so, YET. I am hoping to have news about that by Friday or Saturday :) Stay Tuned! :)
Have an awesome first day of school for those that start tomorrow like me! :)

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