Saturday, September 24, 2016

Community Helpers Freebie and Science

Hello everyone!
Can you believ we are already in September?! OMG!
I hope your school year is going well and that you are getting SOMEHOW some kind of resting time (I know is easier said than done..).

I wanted to share with y'all my a freebie I have had in my store for a while, but it is definitely a goodie! It is a matching game for community helpers. I have a friend who used to teach younger students and she gave me the idea to create this activity :) I created this in both English and Spanish, and for those that teach DUAL LANGUAGE Classrooms! This can be useful for a Dual Language Classroom if you print both English and Spanish word versions and they have to match the community helpers in English with the community helpers in Spanish :)
Click HERE to take you to my store you can download it for free :)

I also wanted to share some freebies and ideas on what to do for states of matter in Science :)

We created a tri-foldable to show the different states of matter and how the particles/molecules of each state looks like. The difference between this idea and mine was that we didn't draw the pictures. We used Fruit Lopps to represent the molecules inside each state. Now, I sadly don't have pictures, because some uninvited guests came to my classroom and chew on them (YESSSSS!! EWWWWWWWW.. After that I never hang or left anything with food in our classroom. I always had my kids taking it with them home...)
Click on MY PINTEREST to see where I got the idea from :)

We had a weekly lab day in my school, so we were able to do lots of different experiments...
I found the perfect way to do easy soda bombs!!! We talked about soda being a liquid and combining it with Mentos (which are solid) will create a chemical reaction by producing gas, making this gas exploding from the bottle. My students had so much fun doing this as an experiment.
I got the idea from the following blog: PANCAKES AND FRENCH FRIES

Also, during Science Lab, we did Oobleck (I obtained the recipe from a mailbox book, but you can always look it up on Pinterest) :)
I created this recording sheet to record our observations

Lastly,we did some sorting activity on our Science journals to classify matter in solid, liquid, and gas.

If you would like those two sheets, Click HERE to download your FREE copy :)

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That is it for right now! I am starting to work on a new craft these days! I am getting all excited on how the one pattern is turning out into so many different options! Have a wonderful weekend and hope to see you back soon! :)

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