Friday, January 27, 2017

Multiplication and ice cream challenge.. water cycle

Hello friends!
This post is all about multiplication! Stay with me and hopefully you find some good ideas and freebies from this post! :)
When we started multiplication, we had so many tests that I figured doing something "sweet" could get my kiddos to refresh their brains. So I picked these two books to review about arrays and talk more about multiplication:

We worked on some vocabulary words such as arrays, factors, and product. Then we read a little bit of both books, and at the end we added a little bit of fun and sweetness to our work.

Students received 12 Hershey Kisses to create different arrays with them, and record their arrays on their math journal. After they recorded the different arrays, I gave them a legal size of black construction paper and a sheet that contained about 25 Hershey Kisses clip art. They were working in partners to create different arrays with the amount given. At the end of the day, I let students take the chocolate home and eat them there :)
Unfortunately, I can't give you my copy because I do not have any permission from whoever did the clipart; HOWEVER, I can tell you that I just looked up on Google "Hershey Kisses coloring" and I found the one I used for this activity.

Here are some pictures of what my students created:

On this same week we had some minutes left to do something different.... The idea started when I saw Amy Lemons post about area, you can click HERE to go to her post. However, I used this idea differently, we create robots so we could make arrays.... here are some pictures of what my students did... I think they turned out pretty cute :)

After we introduced multplications, the real fun started. In third grade, students need to know their multiplication facts. At the beginning my students were doing so awesome because it was something new and fun to them. However, as the weeks passed by, they seemed less encouraged and less interested in their facts (especially for those higher than x6)... So I did the ice cream challenge. I saw one third grade teacher doing this when I was teaching 2nd grade back then, so I created my own.
My students had a Multiplication booklet that they decorated themselves, they used these to keep their tests inside.

Every week we would practice one multiplication level (x0 and x1 were together) and on Friday we would take a timed multiplication fact test. These tests were stapled inside their booklet.

Everyone who would get 75% or higher on their test would earned an ice scoop (along with a popsicle prize) and started to build their own sundae. Once they completed their sundae, they would earn ice cream, not popsicles, real ice cream!

My students got so encouraged to learn their multiplication facts! The best part of it, it helped them to break it down into chunks.. No more the x1-x5 and then x6-x12 (which are the hardest for them to remember)... I couldn't finish the challenge since I went on Maternity Leave so I don't have pictures, but I know this was fun for them!

I have these products FOR FREE in my store! I have the build up sundaes that you can print in color OR black and white, laminate and give them to your students when they earn one piece.

I also have the tests already made for you! I included three tests on one page, we had limitations in making copies at the school I used to work, so I tried to save as much space as possible!

Click ICECREAM for the sundae template and click on TEST for the weekly tests :)

Alright friends, that is it for me! I hope this post has been helpful and you can use these freebies in your class!
I also hope you come back to see me feeling the loveeeeee, because I will be posting some great freebies and ideas on the upcoming weeks for you all "love machines" (oh yes, I just quoted Paul on that episode on "Friends", LOL)
Thank you for stopping by, I will see you next time! :)

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