Monday, February 6, 2017

My NEW Reading Response Booklet, Valentine's Centers and TPT Sale!!!

Hello everyone!
I have been really busy working on a new  Reading Response Booklet!!! :)
I am very happy with it and very excited because it is ready just on time for the looooveee season!!
My new Reading Response goes along with the book "Love Monster." It is the lovely story about this funny-looking Monster who looks for someone to love him just the way he is... I love this story because it shows how important it is not to love people for their looks! There are more books of this cute and funny-looking character, so I'm planning on adding more in the future!

Here is what it's included in the booklet:
1.Favorite part of the story
2.B, M, E foldable
3.B, M, E graphic organizer
5.Monster Character traits
6.Monster Flyer Character Traits
7. Change Solution 
8.Making connections
9.If you were Monster
10.Defend your opinion
11.Author’s Purpose
12.Persuade Monster
13.Characters Change

14.Monster Booklet Craft

If you would like to purchase this Rdng Response Booklet, click ENGLISH or SPANISH.

I also wnated to remind you of my other products I have in my store! :)
These are Math Centers for 3rd grade: it includes multiplication, measurement, word problems, comparing fractions, and a foldable to create bar graphs and pictographs. Come over my Store to have more details!!

These are Language Art centers for 2nd grade: they include sequence for the story "Froggy's First Kiss", antonyms, and long a vs short a (English only), and suffixes vs prefixes (Spanish only). Come over my Store to have more details!!

Last but not least my friends!! TPT is having a big sale starting tomorrow!! My entire store will be on sale as well! So make sure you visit me and check out my products! :)
Click HERE to take you to my store!! 

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