Friday, August 30, 2013

September Facebook Fan Freebies Journals + Dual Program CHAMPS posters

I know everyone is posting this on their blog or Facebook, but I really survived my first week of school! I keep forgetting every year how much tired I get on the first week! I keep telling my kids that the first week is crazyyy!!! ;)
I love my 40 students! They are all eager to learn new things in class and they are so used to me that my rules and procedures have been just a review for them :) I also have many new students, but they are so great, too! :)

Alright friends!!! I know I have been saying "more freebies coming soon! stay tuned!" So I finally created my fan freebie folder on Facebook :)
I decided to post a Facebook Freebie every 1st Friday of every month :) I did not want to be posting some on Facebook and some on my TPT.. so that's why I came up with the idea of "1st Friday Fan Freebie". However, know that my Facebook freebie WILL NOT be available on my TPT, so I really hope you come join me for some fun :)

To "like" my page, first go to my Facebook; you can click on my Facebook icon on the right; then, "like" on my page. I have attached some pictures, hoping that will help you :)

Once you like my page, click on "1st Friday Fan Freebie" icon and it will take you to my share Folder in  Google Docs :)

What's in it so far?
Since I just created my folder, I went ahead and I uploaded the first document for the month of September :)

I have created 5 different journal covers: science, math, writing, poetry, and reading. All these 5 covers are also in Spanish! :) There are a total of 15 pages!!!

On the science journal, I added a picture on their front cover. I had a lab coat, goggles, and a magnifier and I dressed up my students. Some of them were cool to do funny faces, and some of them were cool just posing to the camera :)
These are some examples:
I think they all turned out so cute! :) And most important, all my students had a GREAT time posing with their outfits on :)
I have also created a new product on my TPT :) I created 5 CHAMPS POSTERS in both English and Spanish. I had a friend that is part of the Dual Program at my school (We have just started this year with grade K and 1), so she asked me to create color coded posters to go along with her class. Click HERE to take you to my TPT :)
Here is a peek of how the posters look like :)

Although I won't be using these myself this year, I think it's a great idea to start building some products with ahead of time. The Dual Program will keep moving forward every year, which means 2nd grade will be the next grade to be part of this great program :)
Thank you all for keep reading my blog and for following me :) I will be working on new units and new freebies for the next days so stay tuned! :)
Have a great and restful Labor Day weekend! :)

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