Sunday, March 2, 2014

Keep on studying Geometry, a little bit of of Planets, and a New March Unit Giveaway!

Hello everyone!
How was your week? Did you get to catch some good deals on TPT? Oh boy I sure did! every time TPT has a big sale like this I get so excited and I'm just like a kid on Christmas!!!
Nevertheless, I wanted to share with you what we have been up to this last week.

In Math we have been talking about Congruent figures.
The following foldable is what we did when looking into congruent figures. We did this foldable so we can remember our vocabulary words and compare congruent figures with Similar figures.


Then, we started talking about symmetry and that's when all the fun started! I showed my students a quick video online about lines of symmetry and I am not sure what it was about that video, but they got so engaged and excited about the whole concept!

After the video, we wrote really quick the concept of symmetry and did two simple illustrations to represent it.

After that quick journal post, we did a hands on activity. We used white cardstock, we folded it in half and write our name on the crease side. Then we trace a line around the letters to give it a shape and cut it around making sure we followed the line we had traced.
When we opened the cardstock we had to think about what figure we can create, making sure it represents a vertical line of symmetry.

I was so happy with my students' work, they all came up with GREAT ideas! Here are some pictures I was able to take :)




We finally finished our planets! :) During lab time, students have been working in groups to create their paper Mache planets. In case you have never done this, it's really simple. Just mix water with flour in a bowl and cut newspaper pieces. I inflated some balloons with different sizes (depending what planet they were working on) and students glued those newspaper pieces onto the balloon with the mix of water and flour.

My students then painted their planet and wrote 3 facts on a flash card. So then I picked one fact and wrote it on a flash card and staple it onto a yarn and hang it. These are the planets they created and we hang on our hallway :)

Last but not least. I wanted to do a quick giveaway with my new Happy Birthday Dr Unit! It took me longer than I thought, so I hope you guys can still be on time to use it this coming week (1st week of March). As I mentioned before, I won't be using this unit this year (since they don't make a big deal of Dr. Seuss in 3rd grade Math and Science); however, I was determined to finish this unit due to the fact that  ithas been on my "to do list" since last year! lol

Anyhow, here are the preview pictures for BOTH versions: English and Spanish :)
Click on each picture to take you to the TPT product for grade level and for more information on what comes in this unit...

If you would like to get one of these units for FREE, please leave a comment on this post. I will send this unit to the first three people that leave a comment.
The only things I require for you to do in order to win this product is to be one of the first three people to comment, to make sure you include your choice of unit, and email address

Thank you for stopping by my blog today! :) Have an awesome week and I will see you next week with more news and pictures!


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  7. Love this resource....and love that it's offered in Spanish AND English! The symmetry projects look like a big hit and turned out great !

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