Friday, March 7, 2014

Real Short post.. probability and Inherited Traits...

Hi everyone!
I really mean when I say this post will be very short... My friends at home are throwing me a baby shower!! So I have to get lots of things done before that...

I just want to share with y'all the foldable we created to remember academic vocabulary in Math. We have been talking about more/most likely, less/least likely, and equally likely.

I don't have any picture of the front cover of the foldable, but "most likely", "least likely", and "equally likely" are the phrases we have in the front. My students wrote the meaning of each inside and gave their own example for each on the left side. I took picture of some of the examples they wrote and the pictorials they did to represent each. Some of them were really cute, especially the alien example.



We also worked on differentiate between inherited traits and learned behaviors.  We also did a foldable with examples inside of each window. We created the foldable, and discuss a couple of statements to decide if it was an inherited trait or learned behavior. Then I left the rest of the statements on my projector and my students decided in partners whether it was an inherited trait or learned behavior and write them in the correct spot of the foldable.

Here is a picture of my copy:

If you would like to grab the labels and the list in English or Spanish, click HERE for the free document on Google Docs.

That is it for tonight everyone! I will be on Spring Break this week!! (whoooppp!!) So I'll be working on Maternity Leave lesson plans and other units :) I should have something new pretty soon!

Have a great night and weekend! Thank you for stopping by my blog and stay tuned!!! :)

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