Sunday, March 23, 2014

Life Cycle Part II: Mealworms and Frogs, New unit now on sale!!! :)

Hi everyone!!!
I am back with some more news and pictures!! My week has been slow and fast at the same time. Has it ever happened to you? We are trying to get these students ready for the STAAR, which will be in less than a month! We have been testing and practicing all of our skills on this week, which means I don't really have anything new for Math. However, I'm expecting to do more of small groups by next week, so I MIGHT come up with something small, quick, free for ya'll ;)

On a better note, we are having fun in Science this week! As I mentioned on my last post (click HERE to see my last post), we worked this past week on the life cycle of a ladybug.

On this same past week, we have been talking about meal worms and their cycle. The best of all is that we actually were able to get some meal worms to have in class and observe them! I am telling you all, they are so gross! and yet so cool!! :) My students can't stop looking at them and just observe them!
Here are some pictures I was able to take before I left on Friday:

What I really like about this life cycle is that it's very simple to maintain them. Meal-worms just eat decomposing fruit and we left some oats in there for them to keep on eating. They don't drink water because they get all the water from the fruit. 

I also found very cool videos on how these meal-worm "molt" (shed); they do shed several times during the larva I am being honest with you, they are kind of gross, but they are so cool at the same time. My students were so amazed by just looking at these videos, that I was able to just keep on looking... lol Here are the you tube videos I was able to find:

Well, like I mentioned this week has been more testing than anything else.. so our schedule got all crazy. So this is where we stopped today; basic knowledge of the life cycle of a darkling beetle. However, we will be looking into more details beginning of next week and adding the life cycle of a frog. For these reasons, I wanted to publish my second unit of life cycles! This time, this unit contains meal-worms and frogs! We will be using some activities from my unit and I'll be posting some pictures as soon as we get it done :)

Meanwhile, I wanted to show you what's in it. This unit has 76 slides and it will be ON SALE WITH A 40% OFF FOR THE FIRST WEEK  (Monday March 24th to Sunday March 30th)...
Click on the picture to take you to my TPT store :)

I will be working on the Spanish edition during this week, so hopefully I get to post that unit soon!

Thank you so much for stopping by my blog today. I hope your weekend has been relaxing and productive as well. Have a blessing week, and stay tuned!! :)

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